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9 Living Christians I’d Like to Interview

Part 3 – The Final Three : Andy Stanley, Margaret Feinberg, N.T. Wright

Andy Stanley is not your father’s preacher. He’s not his father’s preacher either. His father preaches to the proverbial choir. Andy Stanley preaches to the unsaved, just as Jesus did. Andy Stanley reaches out to singles, the addicted, the scared, the unchurched, the lost and the unwelcomed. In other words, he welcomes the rest of us into his church. He tells the truth with love, compassion and understanding. He reaches one hand out to the weary and the other hand up to the One who is our refuge.

As I listen to Andy Stanley and read his tweets (@AndyStanley), I don’t feel politicized, criticized or minimized. I feel uplifted, upheld and understood. I am accepted in my messiness and my mistakes. I know if I walked into his church today, I would feel at home.

Questions I’d like to ask him:

  1. Whenever I hear you speak, I always feel like you are the one person willing to speak about the elephant in the room. How do you do that continually in complete honesty and complete and utter love?
  2. The story by John Blake of CNN last November about you and your dad was overwhelmingly touching. How is your dad’s health, and how is your relationship with him?
  3. As you grow and mature in your own faith, what vision do you have for North Point Ministries?

Margaret Feinberg  is a writer under 40 of over two dozen books. Her twitter account (@mafeinberg) is followed by Lee Strobel, Andy Stanley, and Relevant Magazine, to name a few. Her book Wonderstruck (©2012 , Worthy Publishing, Brentwood, TN) is a bright and beautiful light about discovering the awe of God in moments of convention, of the ordinary, of monotony.

Margaret’s writing reminds me to take moments out of my day, to acknowledge the awesome wonder of God, to breathe deeply in a world that wants to keep me hyperventilating, and to relish the striking ability that God has to truly and entirely take my breath away.

Questions I’d like to ask her:

  1. You speak, you blog, teach Bible studies, you write books – what is your favorite method of communicating about God, and why?
  2. How do you stay positive and joyful in the face of critics who want to push you into more “traditional” pathways?
  3. For those who want to know more about you, what is your background and testimony?

N.T. Wright’s lilting, melodious voice is like riding a gondola in Venice, allowing the undulating motion of the canal to relax you into complete peace and a desire to spend the day there. His brilliant and comprehensible theology helps both new and mature Christians to know about God, and to know God.

I was first introduced to N.T. Wright through his book, Simply Christian (©2006, Harper One, New York, NY). He helped lead me through an understanding of my newly found faith that has, with the Spirit’s daily grounding, clarified my journey of faithfulness and trust in the Lord. The most recent book I’ve read, After You Believe (©2010, Harper One, New York, NY), helped explain my own discipleship dilemma between character and works. I now listen to him online as a regular practice.

Questions I’d like to ask him:

  1. So many followers find your point of view not only educational but inspiring. Who today in current Christian conversation inspires you, and why?
  2. You’ve mentioned before that we Western Christians seem to have different concerns than those of Christians “across the pond.” Would you elaborate and share your thoughts on the origins of these concerns?
  3. Do you have hope that we at all, as followers of Christ in any country, are practicing faith, hope and love and the nine varieties of fruit as stated by Paul in Philippians 2:1-4?
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