Journey, Purpose and the meaning of life

Thoughtful questions from John Fletcher…my responses below. Thank you, John – ever digging deeper.

Our Personal Journey


The fact that we our on a journey, suggest to me we are trying to get from one place in our life to another place in our life.  To me that suggest that we are trying to improve or head in a certain direction.  But, What, Where, and why?  In the hopes of creating some discussion, I hope you will answer all or some of the following questions.  We all at some point want to know why we are here and what does that mean.  So I ask you:

A) what does purpose mean?

B) does purpose exist or is religious gibber jabber made to make you feel guilty?

c) how does one discover ones purpose?

d) can you ever achieve your purpose and if so what happens then?

e) what is your purpose?

f) is purpose individual or universal?

g) is purpose and the meaning of life the same…

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  1. What does purpose mean? I did it on purpose means I intended to do it. What is my purpose in life? Well, to live. What does it mean to live? It means to love, to make a difference, hopefully a positive one, to make mistakes, to try again. Purpose is living, purpose is life, but the term purpose is used by business to elicit emotion to suit specific purpose.


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