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I’ve come across many bloggers that share beauty, faith, hope and love. These authors have inspired me because, through their own vulnerability, they share their stories and struggles. They open their hearts and invite us in to see their pain, their grief and their well-traveled road so their readers know they are not alone. The writers of these blogs have moved, or are moving beyond broken hearts. They are overcomers. Step by step, day by day, they illustrate, through prose, journalism, poetry, music or photos, what it takes to have the eyes of beauty, the walk of faith, the words of hope and the vision of love.

Incredibly, a few of these writers have gifted me with two awards that serve as a reminder that they have been the recipients as well. Since I am no longer receiving awards (see below), I wanted to acknowledge those that thought enough of my own blog to pass these awards along, but also to cast a spotlight on the bloggers mentioned above. These people make a difference.


These amazing writers spend their time finding solutions instead of fault, seeking hope instead of blame, sharing beauty instead of gossip, standing on humility instead of self-aggrandizement, exhibiting courage instead of hate, and spreading love instead of judgment.

Please show your support for them by visiting their sites, reading their pages, following their blogs and commenting in positive ways. There are 26; if you check out four or five a day, you will be able to visit them all within a week. They are listed in no particular order:

Steps of Courage

Fighter Faith

Bullying Prevention

Isaiah 43:1

Tales of a slightly stressed mother

Brayden Emerik

The Beautiful Due

Mind’s Seat


Steve Rebus

Blognovic’s Weblog


Lori Lara

Suicide…Causes and Effect

In My Father’s House

Prayers and Promises

Dotta Raphels

My Travels With Depression

Idiot Writing

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

A View From My Summerhouse

Heart’s Table

Scottish Momus

Lessons in French

Iamnamed (wrestling with God)

Vic Briggs

As for me, your thoughtful nominations are appreciated, but



  1. Awesome post! Thanks for listing these great blogs. Blessings!


  2. Congratulations and best wishes to you!


  3. Thank you so very much Susan for the beautiful, kind words you have expressed in this award post, I was very humbled and incredibly honoured to see my blog mentioned amongst your list of these truly inspirational blogs and the wonderful bloggers behind them.

    I will most certainly visit the blogs that I don’t know. I know that you don’t receive awards Susan, but how lovely of you to give this shout out to us all. You are an inspiration and a very loving, dear friend to me. God bless you my dear sister 🙂 x


    1. You are the best, Sherri, and my list would not have been complete without you. Your writing and photos brighten my world, and know it does others. Glad to extend your reach just a bit. Love to you.


      1. You are such a blessing to me Susan. Love to you my dear friend xo


  4. Thank you so much, Susan for the mention and nomination. I’m taking a leaf out of vicbriggs book and copying and pasting so I can visit those I don’t know. If you have mentioned them then I’m sure they will be of interest to me. Your words are so kind and thoughtful. Thank you once more. God bless. x


    1. Your poetry and readings are always so inspiring and thought-provoking. Wanted to be sure that others are inspired, too. 🙂


      1. Once again, thank you. I’m touched at your words. 🙂 x


  5. Thank you, Susan for the mention. I am extremely honored. You are one among those in whose wisdom I claim for strength. You are also proof that compassion and kindness is priceless. I am blessed to know you. I will visit the blogs that you have so generously listed and hope to make new friends from them along the way. God bless you!! xo, dale


    1. You are a blessing, Dale, and you so humbly offer up your own strength and light. That blessing is returned in full. You know how I feel about you, and glad I can share others who are a light in their own right.


  6. Thank you for the mention and a gracious humble post too!


    1. You’re welcome. Lamps cannot be hidden.


  7. PS: And I see that we have a few in common on our favourites list 🙂


    1. Great minds… 😉


  8. Dear Susan, I am touched that you have included me in your list. Humbled by your generous words. Thank you. I have copy pasted the list into a separate document so I may return to it whenever at leisure and I look forward to making my way through it.
    Warm regards,


    1. There are lots of folks that I return to again and again, but special ones uplift and encourage. You are one of those. Thank you so very much.


      1. Too kind. Thank you.


  9. Thank you Susan for taking the time to acknowledge us all, as always you make us all sound and feel much more than we all are. What an amazing list you have here,I’m familiar with a few of them, but will definitely check out those I don’t know.
    You keep on doing what you do here sis, I’m loving and learning so much from you with every new post.


    1. Thanks, Dotta. You are all an inspiration. Light and love and life. Bless you.


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