In the Silence

Your silence is a wet handprint

that leaves a hint

a fingerprint

lovely bouquet

then fades away


I ache to hear a word – your voice

let me rejoice

return to me



Help me, Lord, give me endurance


I long for you

sweet rendezvous


  1. This is such a beautiful expression of longing for Him. So amazing to realize our longing for Him is just a faint echo of His longing for us. I know He already has your next “sweet rendezvous” arranged. I’m believing there is one for me too! 🙂 Many blessings to you!


    1. Thank you, Cindy. You’re right – my time with him occurs often, and it is always sweet.


  2. Simply lovely. 🙂



    1. Thank you so much.


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  4. Beautiful. Thank you. We listen for, but cannot always hear, our Lord. Yearning for Him is part of loving Him.


    1. And He always, always listens, and always answers. ❤


      1. Sometimes I just don’t hear His answers, or perhaps I am too impatient. I am speaking metaphorically, of course! I have no expectation that God will speak to me in voices or visions and would be concerned about my mental state if He did so.


      2. Kitt, He speaks to each of us differently, depending on how we will best hear Him. A devotional reading, a song, a friend, even another blogger may have a particular word for you on a certain day. He does speak through people, and confirms through Scripture and other avenues. If you alert to hearing the same message more than once, you’ll know how He communicates to you.

        I write in a prayer journal every morning (Well, most mornings! ;-J ) and usually experience a thought or devotional reading that comes my way that I know is an answer to a question or prayer. Listening takes practice, yet there is also renewal and transformation in the silence.

        Sometimes, it’s the waiting that helps us to be diligent in the listening; sometimes, He just wants us to sit with Him a while longer and rest in His love and grace.


      3. Thank you. I must listen and regularly journal prayers. Time to develop the discipline of prayer.


  5. I love this Susan! Just ask and you shall receive! ! 🙂


    1. Amen, Lorrie!


  6. Wow. Beautiful.


  7. Lovely and sincere. This message is so calming. Thank you for this on a Sunday morning, Susan.


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