Faith’s Passion

Yeshua, you’re my only One,

Your heart is whose I crave.

I want to know you more each day,

I am your humble slave.


I study everything you say,

It’s you for whom I yearn.

Your words have meaning, depth, import,

It’s those I care to learn.


As Spirit plants his fruitfulness

To which I aspire,

I press close into knowing you;

You light my heart’s desire.


Your love awakens love in me.

For more of you I long;

To share the grace you offer up

And sing your mercy’s song.


Each day my fervor grows for you,

This fascinating thirst

That only you can quench until

In your love I’m immersed.


This ardor causes open hands;

My doing it is not.

The generosity is yours,

Yet it is what I’ve sought.


My cup does overflow with grace,

Your promises assured.

You never fail to lift me up,

Of that I’ve seen and heard.


Yet it’s never in the seeing

My faith’s passion holds.

It’s in the felt invisible

Your love I do behold.


  1. The True Light! · ·

    Put beautifully into words Susan! It had to make God smile…



    1. Aw, thanks Steve!

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  2. Susan, I just read your comment over at my blog, Petals. This poem of yours popped right out at me, for it is Yeshua who has walked with me all my life, and that is the name I know him by. I will not put a label on myself, for Yeshua did not as well. I am. I am Love. I am Light. I am Peace. I am One with God. So if you wanted to ask me via email if I am a Christian, my answer is I am That I Am, and nothing more. I will not put a label on me that man has created. This poem touched me deeply, very deeply and I really thank you for expressing what is in my Heart. I respect everyone, including you, and I honor what you believe in, I honor who you are. And yes, I am a Peacemaker. With Love, Amy


    1. Thank you for this generous and encouraging comment, Amy.

      Actually, my question was, would you be willing to sell a print of your heron? I would love to frame it and hang it on my wall as the lovely reminder I mentioned on your blog. Please let me know, would you? 🙂


      1. Susan, please forgive me for misunderstanding. I am just so exhausted from saving one of our precious cats’ lives, and I jumped to the wrong conclusion. Some have come against me due to the label thing. I will email you and talk to you when I am more rested. Absolutely I would be willing to sell you a print of this heron. I am so touched I am crying. I will write you Monday, OK? Again, I really ask your forgiveness. I am just about dropping. Bless you! Love, Amy


      2. lol! No worries, Amy. 😀 SO excited! Looking forward to Monday. Have a restful weekend!


  3. So beautiful and deep. vw


    1. Bless you, vw.


  4. Oh Susan, I love this! If only we could all sing His “mercy song” every day. How beautiful would that harmony be? 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, and bless you for stopping by to read. Have a wonderful summer vacation!!!


  5. So sincere. If only all Christians felt His Presence as deeply as you do, and then could express it so eloquently and in rhyme!


    1. Thank you, Beth. I am finding peace and rest in Him more each day.


  6. Beautifully penned!


    1. Thank you, Skye. Your comments are always such a blessing.


      1. As is your wonderful work. I am blessed and thankful that I found your blog. ❤


  7. Heartfelt ~ thank you.


  8. I am so uplifted by your poem…very beautiful! Thank you. Hope your day is blessed 🙂


  9. Beautiful to the soul. ❤️


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