Light bids morning through my window

Birds send praises adagio

Pale green blossoms, mist from dewdrops

Breezes dance through verdant tree tops, perfects tableau


God your vision, your creation

Awes and thrills us, made through your Son

Highest mountain, slightest seed

We are portion, grace and love freed, but not yet done


Your hearts still beats for all to come

Grace, mercy, love, exceeding sum

Our Father sent Son to redeem

“Make disciples,” through us, your dream furthers kingdom


Each day we only have to choose

Decide on faith in the Good News

To heed His voice, receive His grace

To recognize His sweet embrace, see through His views


~          ~          ~


It’s days like these for You I yearn

Your words and truth I wish to learn

To know Your heart my heart would burst

Each day to love You more I thirst; my soul does burn


  1. Light Ministry Blog · ·

    Such a wonderful poem and a great picture, Susan! Enjoy your day…



      1. Light Ministry Blog · ·



  2. Lori K · ·

    Beautiful 🙂 I was blessed with beautiful weather over the weekend in North Carolina, I sat on my back porch and looked at the tall oak trees against a perfect blue sky, listening to the birds, so grateful to be part of His creation!


    1. So nice when we can simply drink it in, isn’t it? Have a wonderful week, Lori.


  3. Such a deep passion to know God. Such a significant and fervent prayer. Susan this morning I set in one of my gardens. I reflected on the beauty that surrounded me. Then I made a statement to God and said Lord I don’t even know for sure how heaven will look. Lord I am thinking that all the beauty of heaven will pale as these earthly gardens you have gave me will. When I see and have full knowledge of you. For in you is nothing but beautiful. This is what I thought of when I read this post. A search for the knowledge of God. You know God wants us to have that knowledge. Thank you for such a inspiring post.

    Mercy and knowledge for you.


    1. Bless you, Tom
      “Lord I am thinking that all the beauty of heaven will pale as these earthly gardens you have gave me will. ” I agree – I cannot imagine the kind of beauty we will see as we are blessed to walk with Him hand in hand.

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