What Jesus Didn’t Do

As Mark Myers so poignantly writes, “The next time someone in your life is going through heartache, loss, or sorrow, remember that words will almost always fail and there will be time for action later. Take a cue from what Jesus didn’t do and simply weep with them.”

He knows.

A Generous Helping

Yesterday we attended a dedication of some benches at the local high school. Our freshman daughter wanted to support a friend whose brother died last year. I’m proud of her for asking to be woken up on a Saturday. I am equally proud of about a hundred kids who got up early to celebrate with this boy’s family. They even put their phones in their pockets for twenty minutes! It was heartwarming.

There are times when you think you are doing something for someone else and God has different plans. I thought I was going out of respect, but I was deeply moved by the event. We can uniquely and unfortunately sympathize with parents who have lost a child. While we have so many questions about Kylie’s death, as the parents of a child who took his own life, they have more. None will ever be answered, but we can…

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  1. Excellent, I sense an effortless anointing on u,Susan

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  2. Lori K · ·

    This is perfect, and so true: Words almost always fail. Thanks for sharing.

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