Small Things

©Tom Caton  Whispering Pines

©Tom Caton
Whispering Pines

An inch of a twig, the veins in a leaf,

Concentric bequest in a nuance of hues

His pattern and form a structured motif.

The small things in life reflect His grand view.

Such profound harmony upholds belief.

A blade of grass holds a teardrop of dew.

The bones of a bird keep it soaring in flight,

Its feathers catch air, spread wide, make it light.


The cells of our brain, each guides the right thought

Our bodies alert us, signals composed

A message dispatched to go where it ought.

The tiniest nails on fingers and toes,

Crows feet at eyes edge that tell of life’s lot,

The back of a hand, old veins show the woes.

This breath and a heartbeat that come in the night

We focus on worries; His love holds us tight.


An inch of a twig, His eyelashes wet,

A nail through a wrist tapped into a tree,

An exhale of breath, a droplet of sweat,

He sees all the small, His love is core deep

His arms around us protects from all threat

His showers of peace and grace made us free.

He conquered death through compassion and might.

His love’s gonna make everything alright.


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  1. I would LOVE to feature some of your poetry on my Bible Study blog:


    1. Oh, Leslie Ann, I’d be honored!


      1. AWESOME!!!! Read the lesson for week one and two. See if you have any that would be a great fit… I will post them and tag your blog in the post 🙂 🙂 email them to me


      2. Will do. And thank you. 🙂


  2. And I will be so happy to see that day.


  3. It took acute burn-out, while pastoring a thriving congregation, to teach me to appreciate these ‘smaller things’ which reflect God’s glory in such a big way. That’s almost 23 years ago, but its a lesson I have never forgotten.


    1. Eric, I was ruminating about the “God vs. Science” debate, and I kept coming back to, there is no “vs.” God created the science. It’s all there for anyone to see, if they have the desire. And you said it perfectly: “these ‘smaller things’ which reflect God’s glory in such a big way.”
      Have a blessed Sunday.


    1. Thank you so much for the reblog! 🙂

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  4. It is such a blessings to see all you can I’m thankful for you that you do. As I set here this am reading your post I am reflecting on those same wonders. God’s creation is so amazing, that includes us also. He never missed a thing. Right down to the finish. Love this post. Thanks for the boost and the link to my site.

    Much love Tom


    1. You’re so welcome, Tom. When I saw this photo, I couldn’t help but get inspired. Thank you for allowing me to use the inspiration with the poem.
      Love to you, too, my brother.


  5. Not having developed the poet (-ess?) in me, I appreciate it when others have. Love, quiet, delicate images for a reverent Sunday morning, Susan. I love Mr. Caton’s photograph too and will visit his ‘place’. Sunday peace to you.


    1. Thanks, Beth. Now that weather is warming, been writing out on my deck. I enjoy picking different “classic” poetry styles. Sunday peace to you, too.


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