The True Story of Today in America (The SCOTUS and Marriage Equality)

John, I could not have written this any better myself. Yes, this needs to be said, and said with compassion and love to all our Christian brothers and sisters. Thank you.

john pavlovitz


We all have stories we like to tell ourselves; narratives we create to frame the world around us.

Those stories often help cushion the blows and soften the impact when things around us are too frightening, too disorienting, too difficult for our minds to deal with.

These stories are often largely well-crafted fiction, born out of fear and desperation, and the sense of something slipping quickly through fingers: control.

Many scared Christians were telling stories today.

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling on Marriage Equality, the spin began simultaneously. As explosive, jubilant waves of long-delayed celebration broke out across the country and the world, the storytellers went to work hastily drafting sensational, concise headlines that might reconcile the unthinkable in front of them:

The Devil is celebrating the death of Marriage.
Christianity is fully under attack.
Gay people have tainted our Christian Nation.
God is preparing His wrath for America.

These stories are a…

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  1. You know, this expresses what I felt. I grew up in an atmosphere of hatred toward others. Words that should not have been thrown at certain people. The fundamentalism mind set is stultifying. Fear mongering. Them against Us. If we have a Catholic president, he will make us all Catholic. And on and on the condemnation goes on. That kind of behavior does not come from the One who loves us all.


    1. Absolutely right, Susan. When we participate in condemning whole groups of people, we prevent ourselves from forming relationships with and loving individuals. That was the difference between Jesus and the Pharisees.


      1. Christians can seldom even agree among themselves.


      2. Yes, even though Jesus called for unity among believers. So sad, Susan.

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  2. God does NOT and NEVER WILL condone the homosexual life style!!!!!!!!!!! Read your Bible. God rules, not man!!!!


    1. And every country has its own laws and government, Sue. The point John was making was this country was based on equal rights for ALL people, whether man or woman; Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or atheist; black, white, yellow, red or brown; LGBTQ.

      Unfortunately, we haven’t had a great record of implementing those rights.

      Read your history books.


    1. He does have a way of telling it like it is!


  3. The perfect antidote to the sad reaction of people who don’t understand the concept of legal equality. Well said in fewer words than most of us could have written.


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