My Lord

©aps Observer,  Vol.27 No.1 January 2014

©aps Observer,
Vol.27 No.1 January 2014

From outside does desire come for things

above my need. And worries of the world

affect the very thoughts to which I cling.

Please take my heart that my mind be unfurled.


This game I play of independence serves

me not, I know. Tight fists, too much control,

my eyes can’t see beyond what I observe.

Please bind me to your heart, transform my soul.


Sweet Jesus, Lord of Mercy, bring me near;

I need your might, I’m weary, used up, spent.

Beloved child, take strength, your prayer I hear;

do you not know? Your words are sweetest scent.


My love and grace on you I do adorn.

I’m yours – your peace within me – I’m reborn.


  1. Planting Potatoes · ·

    good read!


  2. I hear you, Susan. I struggle the same struggles. And all I get from it is exhaustion. Peace be to you.


    1. Susan, Jesus taught us to pray for daily bread. I don’t think that was just for food. I’m certain it was for daily spiritual sustenance. We can’t do it alone; we need His power and wisdom, sometimes hourly, step by step.
      Love you, girl. ❤

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  3. What a blessed plea for His presence in our life’s.

    Much Love Tom


    1. Amen, Tom. The plea is daily.
      Love to you and Carolyn.

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  4. As an old trucker I always had an affinity for the C&W song – “Jesus Take the Wheel”

    Great post Susan. Thank You – I needed that on this Sunday morning.


    1. Aw, thanks for that link, Paul. Beth Moore, a Bible teacher I respect, says we can’t go along for the ride unless we take our hands off the steering wheel!
      You’re welcome, Paul. May His peace reign in your heart today.


  5. Steven Acesta · ·

    Nicely written Susan!


    1. Hey, thanks! Hope you’re doing well. Not on FB much anymore; I’ll drop you an email later today. 🙂


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