Love Song



As the wings of a butterfly thrum the air

And the rhythm of birds’ song bespeaks your voice

Gentle breeze enfolds me in merciful care

Yet I lift up my soul as I make the choice.

To your faithful love there is none to compare;

You’ve given me life, and in that I rejoice.

Oh, this peach hued mercy on your sweet light comes

And your hand of love across my heartstrings strums.


With wings of an eagle, your grace lets me soar

Above fleeting burdens, to take the long view,

To cast off old fears, old restraints and explore

To look not at me, but to focus on you,

To look at your Word not as law, but much more.

Let it live bright in me, let your love shine through,

For how else will the lost invite your embrace

Lest your love and compassion shine from our face?


The birds are God’s standard for love’s offering

And their song offers joy to sinner and saint

(and our words could follow, removing the sting).

They sing all the day with no legal restraint

(and if we love likewise, we’d be following).

Their love song helps others with God’s love acquaint.

With dry words of law we can never quench thirst.

His love song and grace must forever come first.


  1. I set in my office and watch my feeders as I reflect. I love Gods creation .

    Joy to you


    1. And to you. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful Susan. Thank You.


    1. Your welcome, Paul. So glad you come to visit. 🙂


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