Veins, arteries, capillaries ©

Veins, arteries, capillaries ©

He lives in every drop and vein

Imbues us with the Spirit’s lead

His call-laconic, message-plain:

From law and rule our Christ has freed


As we accept His gift of grace

His love immerses every space

And fills our depths, our void; instead

Through capillaries now are fed


Compassion waxes; fear does wane

A transformed heart and mind to heed

If we allow His love to reign

From heart to thought to word to deed


As He removes the between place

So there is longer no more trace

‘tween me and you, we share His bread

If we allow His love to spread


  1. Beautiful. I love the picture that accompanies your lovely poem. ❤


    1. I liked it, too. I thought it expressed it beautifully. (I wish sometimes I was that kind of artist.)


  2. Beautiful Susan! I love this especially… “from heart to thought to word to deed”… transformation is possible when we allow His Spirit to lead.


    1. Only then. So glad whenever you visit. ❤

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      1. I absolutely love your blog and all that you share. I try to get to it as often as I can. You are a blessing to all you follow you!


  3. Gorgeous Susan. Thank You.


  4. I want to be infused with more of God from my head to my toes. Your post was a wonderful way to think of the Holy Spirit filling me and transforming all of me from the inside out to be more like Jesus!


    1. Me, too, Debbie. It takes being with Him and allowing Him to work in me. When I focus on all those “other” things, I don’t make room for His love or wisdom or grace to run through me. Even when they are there, I shove them away with my own “stuff.”

      It’s the being that allows me to regard His presence; allows me to breathe in His fragrance and exhale the stuff that doesn’t matter. That’s when the filling happens, when the tears and joy and wisdom comes.

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  5. “From heart to thought to word to deed”

    What a beautiful line!!! ((hugs))


  6. Good word Susan. Lee’s of me more of him. Come Holy Spirit come.

    Much love Tom


  7. Yes, please.


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