Just a Seed?



To siblings in the faith who fear their seeds

of love may not be heard or gone astray:

Take heart; like me, I know your hearts do bleed

yet we must not surrender to dismay.

Our call the sheep of Jesus is to feed

and do our best His true heart to convey

amid exclusion, judgment, law and hate.

Our reach with feelings we must not equate.


So let me waken memories of note

and lift your cherished spirits as I pray:

Lay down encumbrance; Jesus I will quote:

“Put on my yoke…find rest” this very day.

His yoke is easy, burden’s light to tote.

It is through Him His love we can convey.

As one seed starts to grow into a tree

then twig by twig so many will be free.


Those seeds we scatter, God will till the soil.

He’ll water, fertilize, then leave to choose.

While some will flourish, others will recoil.

Although with all His love He courts and woos,

of those there are who choose God’s love to spoil

and let them go He must though grief ensues.

Yet those who sprout His love – those seeds we cast

will bear sweet fruit and freedom’s branches vast.


The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a sower took and planted in his field. Mustard seeds are minute, tiny—but the seeds grow into trees. Flocks of birds can come and build their nests in the branches. (Matthew 13:31-32 The Voice)


  1. Gloriously beautiful, Susan!


  2. His message.


  3. So encouraging Susan this morning for me. I needed this reminder. It is true God knows what we need when we need it and where to get it. He is a loving and amazing God. Thank you for sharing with us.

    Blessings Susan


    1. Bless you, Tom.
      I think we all get discouraged now and then; I need it myself, too. Tough to go against the grain of law and judgment. Things DO move forward, but always in God’s perfect timing.

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      1. Have a beautiful weekend.


    1. Oh, thank you, Nancy!


  4. The minute I read this inspiring poem, I thought of that very mustard seed. It has stayed with me all my life. My mother planted that mustard seed in my heart and how thankful I am all these years later.


    1. How wonderful to connect this to your mom, Beth.
      I’ve been hearing stories and reading blogs the past few weeks about how disheartening it is sometimes being the voice of Christ’s love.
      I just needed to articulate some uplifting words for myself and my brothers and sisters in the faith.


      1. I am heartened by your loving approach to the message. It seems lost on many people who profess to be His voice and yet only express judgment and rejection. How I wish Christ were here to remind everyone of his message, which nonetheless has survived intact for two millennia, if we would just seek out the true Word.


      2. Yes, I don’t understand that approach. Jesus never rejected anyone, and even told us he didn’t come to judge, but to save. Yet we continue to live our lives based on Old Covenant law.

        I will continue to write about loosening these self-made chains Jesus came to break.


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