Fragrant Feast

Hidden Valley Hibiscus ©Emmanuelson Photography

Hidden Valley Hibiscus ©Emmanuelson Photography


greets me

in the morning.

Hummingbird comes to feast

on hibiscus nectar, tasty treat.

I come to drink Living Water

so I can pour it out again.

You quench my thirst daily; I am thankful.

You give me rest from fear, doubt and worry.

Green pastures, still waters are in my heart and home.

Overflowing with Your indescribable peace, Your beacon of grace radiates;

most certainly Your love’s incandescence gleams through my skin.

As I allow this morning’s sustenance to disperse,

this fragrant feast bestows enough to share.

Come as you are, taste, sip.

This banquet is for you.

Fill your hungry heart.

Come, eat, drink,

love, mercy,



  1. I am setting on our patio looking over the pond at red and white hibiscus as humming birds feed and a gentle breeze blows across my leggs and face. I love how you are so in tune with God and his creation. I see these things also. I love to stop and experience his presence. Thank you Susan for you precious poem you so graciously shared.

    Much love Tom


    1. Somehow, I always find God in nature, Tom. I can’t help but stop and marvel at His beauty.
      Thanks so much. I’m always blessed every time you stop by.

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  2. Good morning! What a nice poem. I am thankful that there are poets in the world. See, something else to be grateful for!


    1. Aw, I’ll take that, Wally. Thank you so much. Bless you.

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