Debt Repaid



To lift me up is Your intent

First comes Your grace, then I repent

Your love received, and I relent

My heart’s laid bare, to You present

And only with my full consent.


You never force, You woo, invite

And want the best, to put aright

Although we may not be contrite

You love us with a heart of light

And never rage, disgrace or slight

But always there for love’s requite


With arms outstretched, today I praise

Your holy name, Your love outweighs

My fallibility, my frays

Free gift of grace and love conveys

I’m your beloved; no repays

You’re with me, in me, here always.



  1. Lovely poem Susan. You really summed up God’s love so wonderfully.

    P.S. I’m moving back to my site. I am quickly losing interest in cartooning & it’s hard to be bothered drawing any lately. I think a big part of my cartooning hobby was a bit of an escape from the pressures of being a JW & all the Watchtower expects of you. Now I have taken Jesus’ easy yoke my cartooning seems no longer important to me


    1. Thank you, Tony. Perhaps your interest in cartooning will come at a later date. For now, it seems the Spirit wants you to spread the word about the heart of Jesus. Glad you’re moved to do so.


    1. Thank you so much.


  2. Sweet redeeming grace. Love the poem. You do that with love.

    Peace to you


  3. Beautiful thoughts Susan. Thank you.


    1. You’re always welcome, Paul.


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