Tenacious Love



From Spirit’s power love is learned,

agape love for all concerned.

When we link people in a chain

How do we show that Jesus reigns with grace unearned?


We fail to meet “them” face to face,

one member of this human race.

When we accuse a group’s lifestyle

How do we show that Jesus’ trial was God’s embrace?


This love’s not weak; reverse is true.

Takes strength and courage, ever new.

When love occurs, one grows a thirst;

How do we show that He loved first, inviting through?


We can no longer judge, condemn

if we’re to call God’s earth to Him.

“Through love the world will know you’re mine.”

How long our Lord will we decline, turn His light dim?


This call to love will not be quelled.

To break laws chains His purpose knells;

one heart, one person at a time.

How do we show Jesus inclines to fears dispel?


The Spirit’s love we must allow

to take our heart, and do it now

Else hinder those who might avail –

How do we show His grace prevails to change endow?


So to my God I give full choice;

I pray through me He speaks His voice.

To love another is no sin;

How will we show that Jesus wins so all rejoice.


  1. Like, like, like…


  2. Great post and wonderful words to live by


    1. 🙂 Have a peaceful and love-filled Sunday.


  3. Wonderful words!


    1. Thank you, Bill.


  4. Such truth in these beautiful words. Love not hate.We must live a life before the world, that shows them and us the true risen Christ. Beautifully said Susan. Blessings to you this fine day.



    1. And to you and your, as always my sweet brother.

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