Lessons from the Greatest Generation

Tears in my eyes. So unexpected. Thank you, Jarret, for sharing this.

Downward, Upward, and Forward Behind Jesus


Every weekday morning, a small group of retired men meet at Bojangle’s inmy small townand gather around what they call “the Round Table.” The men, mostly in their late eighties and nineties, meet to discuss politics, religion and how old they are getting over a cup of coffee and a sausage or cheese biscuit. All of the men attend church regularly somewhere in town, although none of them are members of the church where I serve as pastor. Nearly all of them served our country during World War II or the Korean War. I would describe them as “conservative,” “patriotic,” and “Christian.” And maybe a little “grumpy.”

As a pastor in the community, I have learned that “the Round Table” is the place to go in town to get the latest news, a good laugh, and yes, even some gossip. I can always count on them to speak their mind…

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  1. Steven Acesta · ·

    Would love to hear a conversation like that around here. Most discussions I regularly hear around here are fueled by fear and hate.


    1. That’s so unfortunate, Steve. And where fear and hate exist, love cannot.


  2. Good find Susan. Sadly there are not many of that generation left.


  3. Thank you for sharing this blog, Susan. Hope you are well. =)


    1. Hey, rt, so nice to hear from you. Glad you liked this. I thought it was refreshing and a wonderful lesson.


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