Killing Fields

barrel of a gun2

Dear Jesus, there is too much killing;

help us to embrace your words.

The enemy is instilling fear where there should be Your love, Your face.

Our stiff-necked pride inhibits a willing heart, an open mind.

Teach us to turn our weapons into plowshare grace.

Please help us meet our foes with prayer

and lead them into Your care.


Dear Father, let us cling to Your breast.

Let us see the individual faces not only of the victims

but of the culprits

instead of assigning them to faceless groups,

dehumanizing the innocent.

Please let this bloodshed not tear us apart

but bring us willingly closer to Your heart.


Charleston, South Carolina; Roseburg, Oregon; Colorado Springs, Colorado;

Palestine, Texas; now San Bernardino, California.

Too many to count, too often for well-being.

Those are just a few of the public slayings,

Not the private, family shootings,*

away from prying eyes

and cries of, “Spies!”


Dear Spirit, as I call on You for wisdom,

Please hear my prayer for us all.

Let Your love and grace and mercies

seep deeply into our core.

Let Your steadfast compassion remain with us

as we mature in our faith.

Let Christ’s redemption not be in vain;

allow God’s overpowering love in us to remain.

candle_flameAnd please, let’s not forget the third anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting coming up on December 14. Twenty seven were killed in Newtown, Connecticut – 20 children ages six and seven and six adults.

*According to, there have been 355 mass shootings this year in the U.S. in 46 states in which four or more people were wounded or killed since January 1, 2015.


  1. Thank you for your love filled post. Your wise words are very much needed in this harsh world.


    1. Thank you. Working to be His light and love one day, one heart at a time. ❤


  2. Decide that the Second Amendment only applies to militias formed to protect citizens from government, and for no other purpose. Or only applies to muzzle-loading flint-lock muskets…

    We have had mass shootings in Britain. We imposed strict gun laws. Criminals still have guns, but increased penalties for their use have some deterrent effect. The result is our lower murder rate and far lower gun crime. There are more murders on our television entertainment than in real life here.

    When I get up in the night- or comment on blogs!- I notice that my reactions are slower and I behave less intelligently. God knows what I might do with a gun.


    1. Amen! We need to look at other nations whose gun crime rates are far lower and gun laws are far more sensible.


  3. Utterly heartfelt, Susan. As you said in comments to me, ‘Amen’.
    I followed your last link and can’t believe it’s been rejected yet again. I’m so sorry. Reason and rational thinking seem to have gone awol the world over.


    1. I know, A-M. These are the times I cling tighter to my Father and pray for His help.

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  4. Important post, Susan…and beautifully written. The pain of it all is sometimes too much to think about. Wishing you peace…and lots of wonderful love! ♡


    1. And back to you, Lorrie.
      I think all of us are feeling it in one way or another. It seems as if every time I listen to the news, there is another tragedy.

      We simply have to train our minds to stop reacting and finger pointing and begin to focus our hearts on responding with solutions that make sense for everyone.


      1. Here, here…Susan! Yes! Blessings ♡


  5. This is so sad and so beautiful. I pray we continue to find God in the midst of our heartache.


    1. Me too, Steve. I know hearts are aching, yet I know we need to cling to Him. We need to pause and control our tongues; we need to comfort those who mourn and hold those we love a little tighter. We need to withhold judgment and give grace. We need to extend the boundaries of our love a little more today.

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      1. Totally agree, my friend.


  6. There are simply no words. My father always says, nothing good comes of bars or guns. I don’t understand the allure of either one.


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