Jesus Wept


Lord Jesus, would You please reply

The world’s in strife, You can’t deny

We turn away from Your commands

And scorn becomes our newest stand; I hear You cry.


For those who still in grace believe

We ask Your healing to receive

For who from love will abdicate

Whose nations turn from love to hate; we hear You grieve.


Your Body now asunder torn

From accusation now is worn

The ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ denouncing calls

Not grace or love, no light at all; I hear You mourn.


It seems majority’s content

To claim their turf, in fact resent

Such talk of love, and grace they shun;

A pity too, because there’s none heed Your lament.


In spite of odds, hear Spirit deep

This gift of love and grace to keep

…and as we pray for open hearts

The gap continues, miles apart. And Jesus weeps.


  1. The picture says it too. Poignant poetry and stinging rebuke of our ignorance. Sigh. xx


    1. Sometimes, Beth, I am simply moved to tears when I hear what we say and see what we do in His name. And sorry for the late reply; been down with a yucky cold. Finally getting my appetite and energy back. Always great to hear from you.


  2. Profound yet true. These words speak volumes…


    1. Thanks, Lilka. And I will email you later this week about the group blog.

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      1. Sounds good! Enjoy your day 🙂


  3. Simply beautiful! ! ♡


  4. And sadly as He weeps, the world as a whole to Him turns its deaf ears! ❤


    1. Yes, and it’s a conscious choice. Instead of pointing fingers, it is we who need to repent, and face Him and follow His commands.

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  5. The Anglican communion splits, as African churches reject the Episcopal Church of the USA. There is a splinter group called the “Anglican Church of North America”. The leaders of the national churches in the Anglican Communion are gathering, now, to- discern the Will of God? Present their Demands? Split asunder? I am Quaker, but I was baptised (Scottish) Episcopalian, and I mourn for it. Pray for us.


    1. Oh, I do, Clare. We all must focus on the Who and the Gift. Thank you so much for this example. Let’s all add our prayers.


  6. Fabulous! I have a category called “Not My Poetry”. May I reprint this one? Of course, with a link to your site. Here’s the explanatory page if you’re interested:
    Great piece! Unity, and it breaks His heart.


    1. Oh, gosh Dawn, of course. And thank you. 😊

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      1. Thank you! It will post in late April


  7. Profound. Shortest line in the bible with the biggest message


    1. It’s absolutely what drove the entire poem.

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  8. It is good for us to search our hearts and plow up the hard ground we create. This post calls to me to search my heart.

    Joy to you


    1. “plow up the hard ground we create.” Wow, what a wonderful image, Tom. I so love your openness. I know there are things upon which we disagree, yet I always feel a bond of love, grace and unity when you arrive upon my doorstep.

      As always, I am blessed by your visit. ❤

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