Skype Fellowship – An Invitation

I have mentioned before this wonderful community – a blogging community – an online church community – I belong to called Church Set Free. A few of us Skype every other week to stay in touch, to share our weeks, to talk about our relationship with our Lord, and to look into each others’ eyes. We laugh, we learn, and simply through seeing the facing there, we encourage each other, uplift each other for the next several days.

Two members of our community have extended an invitation – quoted directly below – and I earnestly hope you will accept. Please reply to either Paul or Don, as they have extended the invitation. I have already accepted. I hope to see you there!


Paul’s invitation

Blogging brought me a bunch of wonderful people. Blogging also extended my comfort zones hugely! Blogging has changed me. Because God makes no distinction, that I can see, where we gather in His name.

Church is still often “the building”, and “the services”, and “the congregation”, and the turning up and signing-in. Nothing wrong with that…

Where does “God and you” transport to other relationships, other communities, other formats and settings?

Blogging, for me, became community became skype fellowship. First one other blogger, then another, then a local minister, then some more bloggers. The odd thing I have found in all cases is this:

When I have known someone first through their blog (and they mine) – I know I can trust them – I know I feel safe with them. I know we have something really important in common – something that will transcend appearance, tone of voice, accent, way of speaking – all that “stuff”

What do you get?  A lot of love with others from across the world. In a group where denomination doesn’t even register. Where personal preferences only get in the way if you let them (and that is true wherever and however you share with others). But where the “payback” is truly massive!  Where the focus is on God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit and relationship – real relationship – safe relationship.

Skype fellowship.

Reply to Paul by leaving a comment at his place.


Don’s Invitation

In his great post of earlier today, paulfg (Just Me Being Curious) commented on something I posted recently here on The Life Project, an idea that I’ve been kicking around to increase the level of community among Christian bloggers.

In the original post, I mentioned putting together a group of bloggers via Skype as a fellowship or accountability group or a small group study… or all of the above. Before I ended the post, I threw out an idea that came to me as I wrote: Anybody interests in a small study of Mark? And Susan Irene Fox spoke up with a “Yes” reply.

In Paul’s post today, two others quickly said yes to being in a group conversation, and after seeing that, I thought it was time to send out a little invitation:

Hey everyone, do any of you Skype?

Would any of you be interested in becoming part of a small group on Skype, periodically for fellowship, conversation, Bible study, or…? (Suggestions very welcome).

Please consider yourself invited!

Let me know, by leaving a comment and please let me know your time zone.

By the way, if you have never used Skype before, it is free, it is easy and all you need is a computer, internet connection, and an inexpensive web cam and microphone (mine together cost about $25 total.) I really hope to hear from you!

Reply to Don by leaving a comment at his place.


  1. sounds good…but I am skipe less


    1. Bill, did you see Don’s comment at the end? Doesn’t cost too much to set up and fairly easy to do. Hope you can get hooked up!

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    1. So grateful for you, Vincent.

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