©Passion of the Christ

©Passion of the Christ


Presidents, prime ministers, kings

Don masks, but who’s pulling their strings?

Play one-up, describe their plans and smile,

The cameras they try to beguile; tongues are lying.


They preach of a faith called Despair;

Fear of “isms” are lurking there

And if we fall into that trap

We’ll soon with an “ism” be slapped with hateful stares.


We put all our hope in one choice

And think that will give us a voice.

The true choice has already won;

The love of the Favorite Son; in Him rejoice.


In Father’s loving arms we rest;

Don’t seek candidate’s litmus test.

Remember where worship belongs;

Let Holy Spirit keep you strong; peacemakers blessed.


If we keep our eyes on His grace

In office no matter the face

His ultimate pick wins the day

Jesus’ command then is to pray and to embrace.

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