Verbal Assault or Verbal Healing

Weapons of mass destruction are not only assault rifles – they are our words, as Charis so powerfully points out.

Charis: Subject to Change

St. Mary's Falls

I had a picture in my mind this morning of those little yellow markers placed on the ground  in movies and TV shows when experts investigate a crime scene. In this case they did not mark bullets or shell casings. They marked deadly words.

I saw words shooting out of semi-automatic weapons and mowing down parents and children, homeless and housed, believers and doubters, victims and perpetrators, sinners and saints.

“What is this?” I asked.

“Verbal assault weapons.”

Is it my imagination or is verbal assault on the rise? Do people feel the need to arm themselves with harsher and stronger words to defend against rogue offenders on the internet – or complete strangers in news stories, for that matter?

We are becoming accustomed to hearing the insults and nasty innuendo that is politics-as-usual, but this week I am sick at heart at the cruel words aimed at parents who have lost…

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