Sheep & Goats



My name is not a curse word

or a password into heaven.

When you say you believe then

why not live like you’re My child.


With mud on your face, don’t go

to those with a wash cloth to wipe

a smudge off their face or gripe

about sins different than yours.


Acknowledge you’re both unclean

believers with dirty faces.

As Christ offered embraces,

you must offer outstretched hearts.


Christians first to uplift poor:

free health care and education.

Why do you abhor and shun

those called to offer this now?


“Law and order” does not mean

biblical justice for the poor

ignored for state-sanctioned gore;

division of us vs. them.


My Creation includes all life;

uphold all life as sacred.

All child abuse is depraved

toward children of all ages.


A child of mine never hates

or causes nor glorifies death,

but glory, with each poured breath

to My love, My grace and life.


Peter rejected Jesus

yet He forgave, said, “Feed My sheep.

Are you mature enough to keep

all of My lambs safe from harm?


  1. Love conquers all. Pray all people would come to Jesus and find pure hearts. Christlikness in all things. Interceding for all. This is my prayer for myself and All mankind.

    Much love Tom


    1. Oh, and prayers are needed more than ever, Tom, especially with this morning’s news. I pray fervently the love and compassion of Jesus would enter all hearts today. So very, very sad.


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