The Plenitude of God



As we allow the Lord to till

the soil that feeds our heart and mind,

to grow and reach our greatest height

we live in Spirit’s presence, grace.


Our hearts with love God gladly fills

and His forgiveness gives in kind.

He lets us choose to use His sight

to see His child in every face.


While minds stay open to His will

by Jesus’ words we are defined

maturing as we shine His light

and offer sins for all erased.


As we become the lamp on hill

Christ will continue to remind

He came to save us from the night

and into Father’s sweet embrace.


Our treasure’s where the Spirit lives;

all life and truth herein He gives.


  1. Wonderful Susan! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Nicely done, Susan. I like the rhyming pattern you use on this one. And the message is right on!


    1. Hey, thanks Pete. Yes, He gives us so many gifts. Yet we can only use them properly if we unwrap them and take them out of the box.

      Sadly, I think sometimes we sit these amazing treasures on a shelf and admire the wrapping, never opening them, never letting them see the light of day.


  3. Beautiful Susan. I especially like the part where:

    ” … maturing as we shine His light

    and offer sins for all erased.

    As we become the lamp on hill … ”

    Many speak regularly of Jesus shining His light, and yet as his children, I believe that He does so in order to show us how to shine His light. That opinion is often not approved as His light is seen to be “owned” by Him and only to be used by “Him”. I think this is exactly the opposite of what He intends. Thank You.

    As an aside Susan, I did a guest post over at Mark’s today. I would be honored if you had time to drop by for a read. God Bless.


    1. Right, Paul. I’ve said before we focus far too often on sin (the Bad News) and not enough on the Good News – the Gospel – which is what we are commissioned to talk about.

      And thanks for the link. Of course I’ll drop by!


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