Peace or Hate


Will this be a day of peace when

no atrocities slash our screens,

no brutality, hate of men;

instead compassion swell the scenes?


Across the world, too many wars;

we need more healing in between.

Too much destroying, leaving scars;

we need God’s love to intervene.


Amid what has become routine

how will we show His grace and light

to broken, outcast and unseen;

transform to daylight from the night?


One hand stretched out on which to lean,

one kindness upon which to grow

may gently anger from us wean,

allowing seeds of love to sow.


Instead of backs turned, try to glean

a glimpse from eyes of others’ pain.

The heart’s compassion does convene

our souls with God’s serene domain.


We both made choices to be here. We create our “others.” As parents, as neighbors, as citizens, we witness and sometimes ignore each other into being. You were not born vengeful. I have some role in whatever thirst you now feel for revenge. And that thirst now tempts me to plot ever more elaborate escapes from our common life. From the schools and neighborhoods and amusement parks that we used to share. (Anand Giridharadas, Ted Talk, June 2016)


  1. Beautiful Susan. I felt that in my spirit.


  2. A beautiful poem. If we would but seek to be peacemakers instead of kingmakers -with ourselves as our product, our world would be a better place. Dona nobis pacem!


    1. It would indeed. Dona nobis pacem, Amen.

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  3. “Instead of backs turned, try to glean
    a glimpse from eyes of others’ pain.
    The heart’s compassion does convene
    our souls with God’s serene domain.”

    Amen. I loved the whole poem, Susan, and this in particular. When we put ourselves in other’s shoes, seeing through their eyes, hearing their stories, instead of judging or dismissing, we begin to connect with them like Jesus does. Yes, let this peace begin with us!


    1. Thanks, Mel. It’s so easy to dismiss “others” when we, on the surface, don’t identify with them. But our mission is to help these others toward reconciliation through God’s love, whether they are neighbors or enemies. One by one, it does begin with us.

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  4. The True Light! · ·

    A beautiful poem from a loving and compassionate heart, Susan. May the Lord grant us more peace among all people of every nation…Amen!



    1. Thank you for this prayer, Steve. ❤

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      1. The True Light! · ·

        Absolutely, Susan. Hope your day is going well. Enjoy the time God has given you to live and love…



  5. We cannot force people to do what is right. That would make us like them. But we can do what is right.


    1. Absolutely right, Susan. And we can pray for them.

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  6. I ended up listening to both his talks, Susan. What an inspiring man. It can be so scary to try to understand the complexities of what is going on in our world and even scarier trying to figure out how to solve the seemingly impossible problems. Your words and Anand’s are a reminder of what one person can do – can choose to do – to change the world with love and understanding – one act, one scene at a time. I’m reminded of so many of Mother Teresa’s quotes in applying simple actions with love.
    God bless the words and actions of all who channel love. Have a beautiful Sunday, Susan.x


    1. Anand is quite inspiring and his words floated into my heart.
      If only we stopped to hear each other, see each other instead of ignoring each other; stopped presuming we know what is best for other people and instead asked them. We might actually begin to understand.

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      1. Amen to that, Susan.


  7. Beautiful! A powerful plea for something so needed in our world today!


  8. Well said Susan.


    1. Thank you, Paul.


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