The Grand Reception

banquet hall.2

Our Supreme Host and Father God

grants invitations to His feast.

His banquet call to us is broad:

invite more sinners to partake; we’re all His least.


Our Lord reminds us when He sends

us out to tell of morsels fine,

of grace and neighbors to befriend,

it’s His indulgences we cite, His food and wine.


Let’s not forget it’s not our fete;

we’re not the keeper of the keys

to pantry or the narrow gate.

We only lay the door held wide, “Come if you please.”


For if we misappropriate

the job as host we close the door

to those (who wish to dine from plates

of His forgiveness, grace and love) whom He adores.


For Jesus is the one who saves,

with heart of love, compassion, grace.

We simply offer what He gave;

We don’t enslave, but lead to Father’s long embrace.


Reconciliation begins with ourselves. It begins with a pure heart, a heart that is able to see God in others: “I was hungry and you gave me food. I was a stranger and you welcomed me, naked and you clothed me.” …[Jesus] says “Come to me.” He is hungry for souls. Nowhere does the gospel say, “Go away,” but always, “Come to me.” Mother Teresa


  1. May God bless you Susan.


  2. His glory. I love this. I love holding the door open.Come one and all. Perked my spirit right up Susan. I pray your day is filled with joy.

    Much love Tom


    1. Thank you, Tom. So glad this lifted you!

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  3. The art of saving souls…vw


    1. His art, indeed.

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  4. Beautiful.


    1. 🙂 Hope you’re doing well, Susan

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      1. Thank you. Starting Radiation Therapy tomorrow. How are you?


      2. Got a summer (bummer) cold.
        You’re in my prayers, sweet sister.
        Love you.

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