Hey My Fellow White People! Stop talking about black-on-black crime

Let’s remember the Civil Rights Act was only passed 52 years ago. We need to acknowledge our white privilege and our own biases. We have a long way to go before we can move forward and find common ground.

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“But what about black-on-black crime?” is a common counter-argument to Black Lives Matter. This argument is simplistic and attempts to cherry-pick a fact. It ignores systemic poverty in the black community, the disproportionate impact of the Vietnam war, and the ongoing legacy of black lives NOT mattering in America.

Slavery is pretty obvious. Black lives were mere chattel; to be bought, sold, moved, beaten, raped, and killed with impunity by whites for about 400 years. When this finally ended, reparations were not made to the freed slaves and their descendants. In fact, while emancipated, these African Americans were codified as second-class citizens for the next one hundred years. Black lives did not matter.

Blacks born in the 1960s were the first in this country to experience full citizenship. Think about that. Plenty of living African Americans did not know the full protection of citizenship until their adulthood. Black lives did not matter.

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  1. Thank You Susan.


  2. It has been 56 yrs… time to live in the now…


    1. And the now hasn’t moved us very far forward. That’s the issue.


      1. You have to forget that which is behind, reach for what is before and press towards the mark… moveon


      2. Sometimes, Bill, when hurt and pain is deep, healing must occur. It is a wide bridge between those who have experienced hurt and those who have not. It is easy for those who don’t have the hurt and pain to say, “Move on.”

        We must meet in the midst of the bridge rather than expecting one side to move to the other.


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