His Embrace


When we search His call, abide in love,

as we open all to God above

in our praise and prayer, we worship and declare

our God none to compare,

we feel His embrace, feel His embrace.


If we see neighbors through Father’s eyes

(neighbors – those heirs who we may despise),

it’s not “them” we see, but seeds of Diety

Who made us family.

We feel His embrace, feel His embrace.


And He loves without prerequisite

even though we doubt and won’t commit.

There’s plenty of space to make enough mistakes;

He gives mercy and grace.

We feel His embrace, feel His embrace.


His command: we are to love bar none

no matter what our likes, says Savior Son.

We have a choice, yet His will remains unmet;

in this will we regret?

We feel His embrace, feel His embrace.


Open hearts and heads to Life and Light;

His lavish grace will spread to all in sight.

As we pass kindness along, we become blessed,

have moved to His likeness.

We feel His embrace, feel His embrace.


 Luke 10:25-37



  1. A beautiful depiction of the love of God


  2. Light Ministry Blog · ·

    Great thoughts, Susan. I’m finally back from my trip…so many comments to catch up on!! Take care and have a great day…



    1. 🙂 Thank you, Steve.

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      1. Light Ministry Blog · ·

        You are as welcome as possible, Susan! Have a wonderful day and may God open His arms to you always…Steve


  3. That’s very sweet, thank you 🙂


  4. Of course Jesus is no longer earth-bound. He sits in heaven with his Father. But then again, he is here, present by His Spirit living in and among his own. As his arms, his voice, his feet and his hands, we are his body to give and receive the Father’s embrace. The Holy Spirit can only embrace us with the arms of a human paracletes, who, like Barnabas, are daughters and sons of encouragement. . .


    1. Absolutely, and beautfully said.


  5. Great picture! I can imagine our Father embracing us.


    1. I have this picture at my bedside of Jesus cradling a baby lamb in His arms. That’s how I picture Him always.

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  6. So precious.

    Much love Tom


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