Who Do You See?


When you see me, who do you see? A black face?

Someone who evokes rage or fright,

Undeserving mercy, grace?


When you see me, who do you see? Skin not white?

Brown skinned, Latino, immigrant?

Taking your jobs, not their birthright!


When you see me, who do you see? Islam front?

Muslim, terrorists, secret spies,

Jail them, burn up their mosques, manhunt?


When you see me, who do you see? Slanted eyes?

Faceless people who always yield

From China to NHPIs?


When you see me, who do you see? A blue shield?

A system, bloodshed, a monster

Who changes home to battlefield?


When you see me, who do you see? White, blinder

and more deaf; loath to step into

shoes of your pain or color?


When you see me, when will you see that I am

a child of God blessed by the Lamb?




  1. Light Ministry Blog · ·

    Well said! This is a very good post…


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      1. Light Ministry Blog · ·

        Hi Susan, how are you today? Hey, what is the emoji you sent me? I get it quite often but it only comes to me as a “square!”


      2. Sorry about that. It was a smiley face.

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      3. Light Ministry Blog · ·

        No problem…I get a square from several readers…it’s something in my software which doesn’t convert the emoji into a smiley face. Glad it IS a smile! 🙂


  2. bjsscribbles · ·

    I see so much of what I have been learning from the Bible in this work, praise God.

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  4. Amen!! Love this!!! Yes, a child of God!

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