The One Who Set Me Free


Sitting across the table with

The One Who set me free,

enjoying a cup of

early morning coffee.


He warms my hands in His.

He speaks to me of Grace

and Unity; the sweetness

of His breath embraces

me in unconditional love.


“Do not worry or be anxious;

do not fear or grieve or fret.

I have overcome Death;

today’s problems are not a threat

to Me, for I hold the future

in My hands.”


I close my eyes

and feel His heart beating in mine.

He pours faith and wisdom

into my bones one more time.

He opens my heart

so His light can shine

from me through my words.


“My love reaches out;

My peace will overcome.

I never give up;

into the hardest heart I plumb,

seeking one small, soft place

to plant a seed.”


I breathe deeply

and listen to His words.

I feel His reassurance;

His power has been heard.

my trust is whole again.


I remember Who He is,

The One Who set me free,

Who lifts me up today

and for all eternity.


  1. saoirseandhope · ·

    He who the Son sets free is free indeed! What a lovely poem. A celebration of Christ’s unwavering love and the purpose He has for us.


    1. Yes, it is my humble celebration of who He is. He is so lovely, gives so much and loves without condition. Although He never requires it, it’s so important to say, “Thank you,” to let Him know I appreciate Him for who He is, knowing I would not be who I am but for His grace and mercy and love.

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      1. saoirseandhope · ·

        I agree. God loves it when we have thankful hearts. I’m sure it puts a smile on His face when we show our gratitude.


  2. Light Ministry Blog · ·

    Beautifully said, Susan. I felt as if I was there at the table with you…



  3. At times like this it is so comforting to remember these words. Your heart overflows lead by Him! Thank you.


    1. You’re welcome, Bill. Others have done so for me; I pass it forward.


  4. He stills our hearts Susan.

    Blessings to you


    1. And to you, Tom.
      Much love,

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  5. Absolutely beautiful! Brought t tear to my eye with thoughts of my wonderful Savior. What a blessing to wake up to this today!


    1. Thank you, Pete. From you, such a compliment. ❤

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