A Magnificat


Like one of the nine* I have been

receiving, yet devoid of praise.

My thanks for You does not begin

to speak and pray the many ways

You lift, transform and heal within.

To You my heart and soul I raise

and with this Spirit I rejoice,

My savior, humbled at Your voice.


At morning’s rise, Your sweet perfume

wafts through my senses fragrantly

as You once did inside the womb.

You wove and knit all parts of me

With cherished breath, designed to bloom,

to bend, survive: a willow tree.

And so I lift my thanks this day

to catch your breeze and bow and sway.


At each day’s end You give me rest

from troubles, worry, doubt and fear.

Into Your arms I lie caressed

where rippling, peaceful streams are near.

For me, Your servant, You have blessed.

My Holy God, You have no peer.

Each hour You bestow so much

and I sing praises for Your touch.


I lift Your Holy Name on high

Thus calling out my love for You

with thanks and prayer to magnify

so no one ever misconstrues.

My thankfulness does testify

A living sacrifice anew.

You are my Precious Savior, Lord;

through me Your Living Water pours.

*Luke 17:11-19



  1. Light Ministry Blog · ·

    Some very beautiful thoughts, Susan…thanks for sharing this!



  2. So thankful. It is a blessing to have the need to praise God. There is much to praise him for. Thanks for such a tender reminder Susan.

    Much love Tom


  3. Splendid! 🙂 ❤


      1. You’re so welcome my friend‼️❌⭕️


  4. I don’t have words…


  5. So beautiful, dear Susan.
    Blessings ~ Wendy


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    1. Thank you, Vincent, for your generosity, encouragement and love. ❤


  7. Beautiful words of praise. First thing I read this morning! What a great way to start the day.


    1. Thanks, Pete. Sometimes I find the need to just push everything away and focus on Him. He is so generous with His grace, His blessings and His unconditional love, I forget to thank Him. It is ungrateful of me, and I love Him so much. I’m sure He knows, but it’s remiss of me to not tell Him.

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      1. I feel that way often. How can I possibly Praisr Him enough!


      2. I’m with you, my brother.

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