The Politics of Racism

One hundred fifty years ago, just after the end of the Civil war, the Republican Party was the party of equal justice for African Americans. The Democrat Party was the party of holding onto slavery and discrimination.


Take a look:

*December 6, 1865: Republican Party’s 13th Amendment, banning slavery, is ratified

1865: The KKK launches as the “Terrorist Arm” of the Democratic Party (The KKK was considered a domestic terror group by President Grant)

1866: The Republican Party passes the Civil Rights Act of 1866 to protect the rights of newly freed slaves

February 5, 1866: U.S. Rep. Thaddeus Stevens (R-PA) introduces legislation, successfully opposed by Democrat President Andrew Johnson (who took over after Lincoln’s assassination), to implement “40 acres and a mule” relief by distributing land to former slaves

April 9, 1866: Republican Congress overrides Democrat President Johnson’s veto; Civil Rights Act of 1866, conferring rights of citizenship on African-Americans, becomes law

May 10, 1866: U.S. House passes Republicans’ 14th Amendment guaranteeing due process and equal protection of the laws to all citizens; 100% of Democrats vote no

June 8, 1866: U.S. Senate passes Republicans’ 14th Amendment guaranteeing due process and equal protection of the law to all citizens; 94% of Republicans vote yes and 100% of Democrats vote no

July 16, 1866: Republican Congress overrides Democrat President Andrew Johnson’s veto of Freedman’s Bureau Act, which protected former slaves from “black codes” denying their rights

July 28, 1866: Republican Congress authorizes formation of the Buffalo Soldiers, two regiments of African-American cavalrymen

July 30, 1866: Democrat-controlled City of New Orleans orders police to storm racially-integrated Republican meeting; raid kills 40 and wounds more than 150

January 8, 1867: Republicans override Democrat President Andrew Johnson’s veto of law granting voting rights to African-Americans in D.C.

July 19, 1867: Republican Congress overrides Democrat President Andrew Johnson’s veto of legislation protecting voting rights of African-Americans

Four years later, Republican President Ulysses S. Grant signed into law the Enforcement Act of 1871. This act was also known as the Civil Rights act, or the (anti) Ku Klux Klan Act. The bill was voted and signed in order to stop attacks by the Klan and other white supremacist groups on the voting rights of African Americans.

“Under the Klan Act during Reconstruction, federal troops were used to enforce the law, and Klansmen were prosecuted in federal court, where juries were often predominantly black. Hundreds of Klan members were fined or imprisoned. These efforts were so successful that the Klan was destroyed in South Carolina and decimated throughout the rest of the former Confederacy.” Wikipedia, Second Enforcement Act of 1871

And here we are today, with KKK members as a whole, among other white supremacist groups like Posse Comitatus and the National Alliance, a neo-Nazi group, supporting Donald Trump because they feel he supports their cause.

“Only Trump can turn back the brown tide, and thinking Whites know this. He is the last hope for Whites before American turns brown. ‘African-American’ is pretty for ‘jungle savage.’ We normal whites move away from these jungle creatures whenever we can. But the murderous hands of government, guided by Big Jew, again and again and again push us back in with the savages.” Alex Linder, founder Vanguard News Network, neo-Nazi website (also writes for The Aryan Alternative)

Trump has said the election is rigged, calling for his supporters to “monitor certain areas” in urban election sites, something the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) was cited for doing in federal court in 1982. They were issued a “Consent Decree” due to their efforts to intimidate registered voters in predominantly African American precincts by requiring voters in these poor and minority precincts to present photo identification before they voted. The thing is, these “monitors” didn’t ask for white voter IDs.

The Consent Decree of 1982 was to be in effect for 35 years – ending in 2017 – IF the RNC abstained from intimidation efforts during this time. Unfortunately, Trump’s mission has caused a motion to be filed in federal court by the DNC that this Consent Decree has been violated.

If the court decides it has, in fact, been violated, the RNC will likely remain beholden to the Decree for another long length of time. The DNC has also asked the federal court to look at whether or not the RNC has violated the Klan Act of 1871, which remains on the books.

Even now, African American voters are being purged from registrations rolls.

Hmm.  Maybe the election is rigged after all.

*Dates from The Gateway Pundit, This Day In History


  1. wow.


  2. Take the Floor · ·

    I just started a blog after seeing the disgust over social media after the election. I wanted to speak but I am a teacher and friend and was concerned over expressing my thoughts. So I created “Take the Floor” where people like me could ask questions about politics, racism, education etc and receive true, honest opinions with anonymity. As a new blogger I would love some views, comments, open questions for others on the topic. I would love that! I enjoyed reading your post.


    1. Thank you. I hope folks come over to express their views.


      1. Take the Floor · ·

        I hope so! How long have you been blogging for? I wish I could spend my day on it LOL. My 8-5er limits that.;)


      2. I think it’s been ten years now. I think you’ll find it’s a supportive community.


  3. Susan,
    Racism and sexism is a by product of cultural social order. Since Christianity is the cultural entity that dominates the American culture we need to fix Christian interpretation of scripture. I separate Christian religious culture from Jesus and His message. There are conservative and liberal wings in the Christian culture. Some rely heavily on the culture of Judaism. In all cases there is a religious hierarchy which is mirrored in society, and it is the American social order. White males then women married to them, then black males their wives, then single white women, white children, divorced people, gay people and etc. make up this social order.

    Barack Obama is an affront to this social order. Hillary Clinton is an affront to this social order. The constitutions and its amendments codify this social order. Look at who got the vote and in which order. The Equal Rights Amendment never became law. Equal pay for equal work still is not law. “Make America great again” is all about the re-establishment of this social order. White supremacy has existed underground because the social order was operating fine. Now it raises its ugly head because the social order is under attack.

    Immigration is the 100 pound issue that threatens to permanently re-order America’s social order. Immigrants are the solution to our economic problems, but with it comes a new world order. A movement from Nationalism towards a one-world mindset is a movement towards “love others as you would love yourself”. Why is there opposition to Jesus’ words in Christianity. Religion and secular hierarchy will always oppose the vision of God. That is why Christianity preaches OT more than it preaches the red letters.

    Susan pleas feel free to explore the social order in America and the Christian culture. I am a disciple of Jesus who recently became non-affiliated from the Christian culture. It really is a breath of fresh air. Jesus is the Truth and the way.


      I have an invitation for you. My sister in Christ Lilka Raphael and I have begun a conversation on both our blogs, called, “…and Justice for All.” Every Friday, we take turns writing each other a letter about exactly what you have spoken. We both wanted to start the conversation in a public way in this online community with the hope of inviting others into the conversation, opening hearts and minds, and encouraging people to take the conversation into their own communities. We would both be blessed if you would add your thoughts.
      Her last letter to me is here:
      My letter follows tomorrow, 11/4, right here.
      I pray we see you there.


  4. One step forward, two steps backwards?

    Trumps encouragement for supporters to “monitor” polling stations is interpreted by extremist to intimidate others. I just read a news article today about how white militia groups are “gearing up” if he loses and are ready to kill and die should the election not meet their expectations. They would rather die than be forced to live in a cultural “melting pot.” Trump’s silence on the issue equates to consent. His slander of the American political system is essentially pouring gas on tinder while awaiting someone else to toss the match.

    Voter suppression never really went away. It has just taken on different guises through the years.

    Most Americans are oblivious to the facts you posted, Susan. Knowledge really is power but unfortunately, many would rather stay in the dark.

    I really look forward to when the election is over. I think the vast majority of people simply can’t take anymore.


    1. I agree, Lilka. Every new story is like pouring salt in the wound. I think everyone will breathe a sigh of relief on November 9th – but I will still pray for God’s good and gracious will up until then.

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  5. I have had to review my sexist views. If we be believe that all humans are created equal why do we hold on to a social order the is obsolete. I love it when God corrects my heart.

    I understand that knowing history can prevent us from making the same mistakes. However, this election is a sufferget moment if ever there was. I’ll be knockung on doors getting out the vote for Hillary this last weekend.

    Thanks for the history. Humans are emotional but short on memory. And that is a good thing.


    1. Yay! Thank you for your willingness to contribute to the conversation. 🙂


  6. I just looked up a couple of sources online about Trump suppressing voters, and the way they say he is doing it is through targeted advertising. No different than what Hillary has done with Trumps remarks about women. Advertising is always used this way. I did not see anything in any of the sources that came up suggesting he was planning to use physical intimidation. The articles I looked at were from the Atlantic, the Washington Post and Business Insider.


    1. I’ll look up the website for you, Pete. I just got back from seeing family. It was a website where people could download signs and armbands that said, “Election Poll Monitor,” totally illegal. He may have taken it down due to the lawsuit.
      But here’s another one to check out:

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      1. Interesting. I understand it’s illegal. Then I see stories like this, and I wonder who else is doing illegal things.


      2. And thankfully they were found. Yep, it’s probably all around, Pete.

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      3. Pete, I’m pretty sure that website is closed, but here’s another report to check out:


      4. Interesting. But doesn’t minimizing the number of early voting places suppress all votes? I would think so. MSNBC twists it to say it was aimed at blacks. Perhaps budget has something to do with it?. I’m not sure I buy their premise.


      5. The point is they are minimizing those places in minority precincts. It’s well planned.

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  7. The whole thing makes me sick.


    1. Yeah, me too. I think we need to change the election cycle to 6 months – and maybe that’s even too long.

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      1. You may have something there. 😀


  8. Susan, I appreciate the history lesson. I tend to disagree with some of the ending remarks. Just because the KKK supports Trump doesn’t mean he is trying to suppress the black vote. I have always thought that when he talked about the election being rigged, he was talking about the fact that the Democrats have a history of enlisting votes from people who are either dead or incarcerated. Plus, they have payed games with people when they go house to house to do voter registration. And of course there’s the media bias that has been touting Hillary can’t be beat, which will suppress turnout. Let’s face it, they rigged things against Bernie. They are not above rigging anything they can in my opinion

    Trump needs every vote he can get to pull this off. I don’t blame him for wanting to monitor who is coming and going – I would guess the Dems wi do the same – they just wonllt tell anybody.

    I remember in 2012 I think it was that the Black Panthers ii Phily were intimidating voters in a largely republican district and nothing was ever done about it by the DOJ. There were other instances that were reported as well. This goes on in every election. I’m not sure that will ever stop. But I also believe the US runs as clean an election as any country in the world. Maybe that’s just my American pride1

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    1. “Just because the KKK supports Trump doesn’t mean he is trying to suppress the black vote.” Pete, while I would agree that one does not necessarily lead to the other, he was heard over and over asking his supporters to monitor “certain places,” or saying, “you know where they are.” That kind of talk doesn’t refer to Democratic districts. It was a sad repeat of exactly what the RNC was caught doing in ’82.

      This has been going on for a long time – it’s the kind of history Lilka and I are talking about that gets minimized. And it’s not all over – it’s in “certain areas” that have a history of voter suppression.

      Yes, we probably run cleaner elections than most, but we need to be sure to clean behind the ears when we know it’s happening.


  9. What does history have to do with the now. There is only one presidential candidate re-tweeting known white supremacists.


    1. Just bringing to light the long fight for racial justice, Larry, and that it’s still going on even though many would deny it.

      It’s interesting to me that the Dems and Reps have reversed roles; I agree with you there’s only one candidate re-tweeting white supremacists. That’s why I wanted to connect the dots.

      Rest assured, #I’mWithHer!

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      1. First of all, Donald Trump disavowed David Duke repeatedly even though the media tried to spin the story to say he was hesitant to do so and maybe even supported them. Trump cannot control who supports him. Secondly, Hillary Clinton’s mentor is Robert Byrd, a former KKK member and recruiter. I think having a KKK member who you choose as your mentor is more of an offense than having a KKK member support Trump who has no control over that and disavowed the man.


      2. Trump unwilling and tepidly “disavowed” Duke, and didn’t do it repeatedly. And to compare Duke to Robert Byrd is ludicrous. Yes, Byrd was a member of the organization in the ’40s. But in his own autobiography, Byrd states, “It has emerged throughout my life to haunt and embarrass me and has taught me in a very graphic way what one major mistake can do to one’s life, career, and reputation.” He repudiated his own participation in the klan; Duke has never done so.

        Additionally, Trump has never called out those who support him; conversely, he has re-tweeted several of their tweets.


      3. I guess you have an explanation for Trump appointing Steve Bannon to his White House? A known White Nationalist… he knows they are a big part of the reason why he’s moving into the White House.


      4. That is all your under-informed mind can understand about Steve Bannon. Breitbart has had some controversial things posted, but that does not mean Bannon is the one posting everything. He does not have full control over what all happens at Breitbart. He will have virtually no control now since he is working full time for President elect Trump. Trump did not hire Bannon because he is “allegedly” a white nationalist, he hired him because he is very intelligent and an outsider. A balance to choosing the ultimate insider like Priebus and Chief of Staff. Finally, I would try to steer clear of the media portrayals of Bannon or Trump. Trump is a New Yorker and former democrat. Bannon used to be heavily entrenched in the liberal mainstream. To say that they both have somehow become white nationalists is absurd and is merely a tool used by the Left to discredit the incoming administration. We are focused on securing the border, reforming Obamacare, and fixing the economy.


      5. May I add my two cents here?

        As President-elect, Trump has said he will be President for everyone, even those who did not vote for him. He also told demonstrators they had nothing to fear.

        If that is true, why then, would he hire someone who has been affiliated with a publication which posts racist, anti-Semitic, misogynist hyperbole? Doesn’t Mr. Trump realize this will not calm the fears of people, but stir them?

        Mr. Bannon has indeed shown himself to be an excellent campaign strategist. However, Mr. Trump has already won the election. There is no more need for a “spin artist.” We expect our President to be transparent, to tell the truth. Having Bannon at his side is a worry, not only for the reasons stated, but for reasons of perception.

        We have to begin to understand both sides here in order to come together as a country. Can you understand the concerns about his choice of Bannon to be his closest advisor?


      6. I understand the concerns. I simply saying they are being blown out of proportion by the mainstream media. I am glad you acknowledge Trump’s insistence that he will be President for ALL Americans and that demonstrators should not be afraid. He also said that any of his supporters who are committing hate crimes or verbally abusing minorities should stop it. He said that in his CBS interview even though CBS tried to bury that segment. The concerns should be minimal when it comes to a man who is a former New York democrat. He still requires Bannon’s assistance because whether we like it or not, he is a pillar of outsider conservatives opposed to the Washington establishment of republicans who are simply watered down democrats. Any implications of racism attached to Bannon will not translate into any form of Trump’s policy. Again, we are focused on jobs, securing the border, and reforming the disaster of Obamacare.


      7. Well, I think you cannot blame the media entirely about Bannon’s reputation. There is an old saying, “If you lie down with dogs,…” and he has done that willingly. You really can’t say his hands are completely clean. And c’mon, CBS didn’t try to bury anything; Leslie Stahl all but begged Trump to ask his supporters to stop.

        I hope you are right that “Any implications of racism attached to Bannon will not translate into any form of Trump’s policy.”

        I will continue to pray.


      8. It was reported that they did try to though. Regardless, I fully believe in that statement of mine you quoted. We shall see very soon.


      9. Media portrayals? You ever taken the one to actually read this stuff on that website? And here I was thinking America learned its lesson about bigotry in the sixties. I am under informed.


      10. I do not use Breitbart much at all. Sometimes their links appear on Drudge report but it’s never anything that can be construed as bigotry that I read on there. I know some headlines are occasionally not PC.


      11. That’s not even mentioning that Hillary Clinton referred to black teenagers as “super predators”indicating that she thought all young black males were violent criminals. She also said, “We have to bring them to heel,” like young blacks are the same as dogs.


      12. Yes, she did, and she has apologized for the comments and said she regarded them as offensive. She listens to others, takes advice from them and learns from her mistakes – even though it may take her awhile to internalize them. She works well with others. Even Republican congressman have said so. I’m sorry, but I don’t see Trump taking advice from others, learning from his mistakes or working well with others.Those are three characteristics I certainly want in my President.


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