The State of Our Union… (Dear Susan 11-18-2016)

Lilka and I will be reblogging each others’ letters rather than posting them in full. We’d like you to comment on the original blog – and today she issues a challenge – a call to Trump voters – to calm fears, use considerate words, to promote unity. Will you rise and give us all hope?

B is for Blessed!

Like most people in our nation, I awoke last week to learn Donald Trump was our new president-elect.

I’d like to say that I was surprised.

But, I wasn’t.

Donald Trump is a very strategic business man and quantifiable “deal maker.” He knew exactly what to say and how to say it to get elected.

Living in the “deep south” I heard again and again the hatred for Hillary Clinton and the Clintons in general. Still, living in the Bible Belt, I was rather amused at the hypocrisy at which “Christians” spoke when making a moral case for Trump.

Trump is many things to many people but I have no doubt his campaign ultimately succeeded on a platform of hate.

His continual tweets against Muslims, minorities, women and anyone not the “right white” were so incredulous, most journalists and half of America couldn’t take him seriously.

The joke, however, was on…

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