Pride – Part 2

Here is Pete Gardner’s long-awaited Part 2 of Pride. It is definitely worth the read. As he says, “I want to give you a new definition of pride. One that expands the scope of the attribute into a much wider bunch of people. One that will help you understand better why God hates pride so much.” Comments are disabled here so you can comment directly on his blog.

God's Maintenance Man

He is obvious.  He walks in the room with an air of confidence that can be seen with each step he takes.  Everyone turns and acknowledges him, and he just smiles.  He walks up to some people in a group talking and immediately takes over the conversation.  Several more people gather around him as well, because they know he speaks with confidence.  He doesn’t seem to care that he is the only one talking.  Through the evening, he goes from one person to another initiating conversation, introducing himself to those he doesn’t know and just being the life of the party.   He is self-assured, confident and knowledgeable.  When he leaves, it seems the party just isn’t the same, and you hear one of the newcomers say “Man, who was that guy?  He sure is arrogant!”

This is the picture we usually get when we talk about a prideful person.  Someone…

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