For those who still associate repentance with hellfire, guilt and shame, this is a stunningly Jesus-like post that tells the truth about real repentance.

See, there's this thing called biology...

Metanoia is a Greek word from which we often get the English translation, “repent” or “repentance.” Meta actually means after, beyond, a change, like a metamorphosis. Metanoia means a “change of mind” or beyond your mind.

I’m a bit annoyed with our Latin fathers because they began to refocus on shame, guilt, regret, and sorrow. Acts of penance. So to “repent” today has come to mean to admit wrong doing and make amends.  To say you’re sorry. We’ve strayed a long way from the original biblical idea of, “beyond your mind.” It is to change your mindset in a supernatural way.

First off, regret, guilt, and being sorry are all valid things that can serve a vital purpose here. If you run over your neighbors cat, it would be good to feel regret, say you’re sorry and make amends. I don’t wish to completely dismiss the value of that in the…

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  1. Excellent article, Susan. Thanks for sharing this. We should walk in repentance as described here on a daily basis, allowing God to transform us by His word.


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