A Prayer for the Refugee

A prayer we all need to share. Thanks to Walter Bright for posting this.

Walter Bright

For the lonely and forgotten, for the weary and distressed,
For the refugee and orphan, and for all who are oppressed,
For the stranger who is pleading while insulted and despised,
Will You rise? Will You rise?

Rise up! Rise up! The earth will fear the Lord when You avenge the poor. May Your kingdom come . . . O rise up!

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  1. realchange4u · ·

    Thinking of you today. Blessings Susan. Love your heart.

    Much love Tom


  2. Personally I think we are seeing the death knell and demise of America as we know it. Once upon a time we had a chance at freedom and equal opportunity but now that is being not chipped away but battered by a sledge hammer. Eventually everyone who is not a white male Christian will be eradicated from the USA.

    The mostly white Evangelical so-called Christian church led the way by electing Trump and touting him as America’s Savior. Jesus our Jewish Messiah was left completely out of the picture but his words to the Pharisees and the Sadducees ring true today. The church is a whited sepluchure filled with dead men’s bones.

    The Bible Belt will be the death of not only the United States but Christianity. Perhaps from the ashes of the right wing evangelicals will arise a phoenix of a new breed of Christians who accept all. The LGBT Community, Black, Hispanics,Arab, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Native Americans, Sikh, Asian, people from the Sudan, Yemen, Iran and Bangladesh, etc…

    I left the church back in 2010 and am so glad I did. I will never return except for specific holidays. If there is such a place as Hell most of Bible Belt America is headed straight there. You’ve put the noose around your own neck!

    As a Black American I probably will not live to see the end of the Trump/Hitler era. Most likely once he eliminates the Muslims and Hispanics, African-Americans will be next. Eventually the knock at the door will come and I might be either deported even though I was born and raised in this country or they will murder me on the spot.


    1. Deborah, first, I agree that America as we know it is changing. I do not have the same viewpoint, however. Have you not seen the revolution? Have you not heard the people shouting? Were you not at the Women’s March? Do you not read my blog? There are plenty of us who still believe in the message of Jesus and write about it, act upon it, and our words are spreading.

      Example: two years ago in Texas, during an annual Muslim Heritage Event specifically designed for students. They were shouted down by right-wing reactionary “Christians.” This year, there were enough new breed of Christians – hundreds of them wearing T-shirts that said, “We welcome our Muslim neighbors”- to form a protective ring around the Event so the few reactionaries who did attend were not able to get near the event.

      I have learned the church is not a building – it is those of us who follow Jesus’ commands to love one another, who spread the true gospel of love, grace, compassion and inclusion, and who love and pray for our neighbors, each other and our enemies. It is those of us who carry the cross of love and grace even when it is unpopular, even in the face of persecution, even when it seems counter to everything in our bones.

      For me, hell is allowing the darkness of fear, hate and hopelessness overtake me. I must abide in the Spirit who reminds me of the words and actions of Jesus, who came to save everyone – even his enemies.

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