As We Rise

Stand on the bridge and rise

above the vitriol and hate.

Consider God’s creation our allies.

Abandon condemnation; humanize.

Be Jesus’ light; His love’s innate;

see through our Father’s eyes


New mercy blessed surprise;

let His compassion captivate.

Each fresh dawning filled with grace and defies

what might have been an urge to legalize.

Christ takes the worry, fear and weight

from shoulders warped with sighs


Beloved ones, arise

to be His love, to advocate.

Please do not miss His plea, and recognize

above all else His love offsets all lies

we are not worthy of this state

of grace and freedom; rise!


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  2. Beautiful! Have a blessed day!


    1. Thank you so much.

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  3. I like this!


  4. Yes, it’s time to stand in integrity and be seen and hear.
    To shine with eternal honesty so that any and all may see.
    Thanks to you for doing so.


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