Too Smart for Our Own Good

To be ever and wholly amazed by God is to acknowledge He is bigger and more mysterious than any of us can imagine.

A Movement of Selfless Love

The ShackJohn 3:1-17 NRSV

In today’s gospel lesson a very knowledgeable and prominent leader of Israel comes to Jesus seeking to discover who Jesus is and what Jesus is all about. Poised and confident, the educated and sophisticated Nicodemus begins his conversation with Jesus: “Now, we know that you are…”

He begins his conversation from the same place that most of us mature, experienced, long-time students of Sunday School often begin our conversations about God: from the things we know, the things we have figured out… or think we think we have figured out:

“Now we know that you are…”

And it’s from there that the conversation gets all confused, confounded and convoluted. Jesus begins talking to Nicodemus about birth, but poor Nicodemus thinks Jesus is talking about literal, physical birth. Jesus starts talking about the Spirit, but poor Nicodemus thinks Jesus is talking about the wind.

I think it is…

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  1. Light Ministry Blog · ·

    Good post, Susan. How have you been? I like the story of Nicodemus



  2. Thanks for linking, I appreciated reading that.

    It’s true, we really are too smart for our own good sometimes. We must try to get back to that childhood delight we all once had. In fact, I think scripture tells us that very thing.


    1. I think it does,too. Jarrett is very wise.

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