Righteous Ears

Syrian refugees ©Newsweek

If immigrants and refugees

and poor are not “the least of these,”

then who are we to feed and care

for, clothe and see to their welfare?

If we don’t honor God’s own plea,

how well with our souls will it be?


With wealthy people getting more

and ethics walking out the door

how do we remain Spirit-filled

to focus on what He instilled?

We must, to turn from traitor’s lies

and recognize his mean disguise.


With righteous ears we need to hear

the words of Jesus true and clear.

For if we don’t, we all forsake

His love and grace that’s now at stake.

This gift of freedom must be passed

along to all who are outcast.


If we do not our brothers keep

then we are not our Shepherd’s sheep.

For He’s the same, both then and now,

declaring how we disavow

Him or are seen as followers

when love and mercy both are stirred.


So how we do identify?

Our actions and our words belie;

deceiving Christ is not achieved

by church attendance once a week.

Commit to keep His Word alive

by living Matthew twenty-five.


  1. You clearly have passion and compassion for “the least of these.” I pray your words prompt action.
    I look forward to reading more of your work.
    ~ Tony

    BTW: I’m just getting back to blogging a hiatus. Visit me sometime at my re-tooled and re-fueled website. I would love your feedback.


    1. Thank you, Tony. Glad you’re back. I’ll definitely come on over.

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    1. Thank you again, Vincent.

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      1. You’re so welcome Susan 😍🙏


  2. Beautiful poem with an important message. Yes, Lord! Give us your eyes to see and heart to love the least of these.


    1. Still drumming the drum, Mel, in as many forms as I can.

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  3. So well written and thought out. Susan. Thought provoking as well. What can I do from my Midwest home going through Chemo treatments? How can I help?


    1. Keep praying, keep writing, keep speaking out when God presents an opportunity, Pete. Above all, take care of yourself. We all do what we can from where we are, beloved friend.
      And know you are in my prayers. ❤

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      1. Thank You Susan. Slow but steady improvements are a result of prayer!


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