Where is My Church?

My church is in the sky,

Where the shapes of the clouds

Remind me of the things of the earth.


My church is on the ground,

Where fruits and vegetables grow,

And blossoms flourish in colorful array.


My church is in my car,

Where I listen to gravelly voices

Who sing of pain and repentance and love.


My church is on the river,

Where the water flows clear and free

Like God’s will as we choose to step into it.


My church is in my home,

Where I light a candle and pray

And the Spirit lives with me and in me

Providing wisdom and respite.




  1. We are asked to be the church according to Scripture and are meant to take it wherever we go. And so we may praise the Lord and worship in and of all that He has made! 🙂 >3


  2. Haha…I don’t know if Hank Williams and Johnny Cash are my worship team (from clip) but since we are the church, wherever we are is church!

    Interesting point to what you’re saying, the early church saw nature as the first Bible. It declares the glory of God all around us.

    Loved the poem! 🙂


    1. I know Mel, but everyone has artists that move them to tears. I can listen to Andrea Bocelli or Sting and I get the same response. It’s God’s beauty in the music – in nature, in beloved friends – that reflect His love and grace, and I don’t need to be in a building to worship Him for that.

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      1. That’s very true.


  3. Love the song! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been driving down the road in praise and joy, worshiping Him. Nice post – reminds us we take our church with us wherever we go. Hopefully, we let others see it!


    1. Me too, Pete. I find it sitting on my deck, listening to my cat purr, talking with a neighbor, or simply listening to amazing music. He is at the foundation of it all, and I am eternally grateful.


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