Random Acts of Kindness

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I am moved this week to remind us all about Random Acts of Kindness. Too many random acts of violence have been thrust upon us these days. My intention today is to slide into our vision images of other Random Acts: those of generosity, kindness and compassion. These three spread like scattering dandelion seeds with a single puff of air.

It is so easy to choose for a moment to step outside of ourselves and our own circumstances to perform a random act of kindness. Doing so connects us to Christ and lifts us up above our circumstances, and is what the apostle Paul called contentment. It helps us elevate others and live in harmony with them.

As we focus our thoughts on things that are uplifting, generous, kind and compassionate, the Spirit helps us move to action. As a result, our minds and hearts are transformed; we become the new creations God intends for us to be.

Here are some suggestions of traditional Random Acts of Kindness below, or you can come up with your own:

Buy coffee or contribute $10 to the person behind you in a fast food line.

Tape change to a vending machine.

Donate books to your local library

Attach a small note of kindness to a flower. Leave it on someone’s car.

Donate children’s books to your local church, homeless shelter, or women’s shelter.

Do you have any suggestions for Random Acts of Kindness? Please share them in the comments section.


  1. Good word! Besides the more tangible ways you mentioned, I think a smile to strangers is a random act of kindness in our busy, self-absorbed world. Or letting people cut in front of you in traffic. Since I spend time in coffee shops almost every day, I always thank the baristas for their mostly unappreciated work (my daughter-in-law is a barista and she gets drained emotionally from all the demanding customers). They’re pretty much invisible to self-important people. Or, just catch someone doing something well in a “mundane” job. We can do these kinds of things a 100 times a day. All of them have to do with considering and acknowledging the value of the other.


    1. Simple things like this Mel, we can always do. It takes no time, no money – just thoughtfulness. Thank you for your comment!

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