Breathing Under Water


When circumstances bring me down

sinking, thinking I might drown,

I call to Father, Spirit, Lord,

and listen for his voice’s chords; sweet upside down.


As I abide in daily walk

I’m thankful for the interlock

of hand and heart and renewed mind.

He breaks the chains which choke and bind; He’s more than talk.


When I forget to call upon

My God, my thoughts do tend to spawn

the ugly themes the enemy

delights in shrouding over me; I lose the dawn.


He kisses air into my lungs

and lets me breath; From Seed I’ve sprung-

The Seed of Love, Compassion, Grace-

and wraps me in His hushed embrace; His cloud among.


But as I pray my heart is warmed;

His Light pervades, my mind informed.

As Son arises, casting out

All fear and burdens, worry, doubt; His love transforms.



  1. Very nice. It’s a good mix of words and images.


    1. Thanks, Tony.


  2. Harley Quinn · ·



    1. Thank you. ❤


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