Tap on the Glass

Tapping on the glass

of our moral compass,

those of us who care

check to see

if the dial still works

and see our reflection

inside the lid.


When we see someone

sneer at the bounds of decency,

do we place our compass,

registering askew,

back into our pocket

in silence

ignoring the crossed boundaries,

or do we shudder in disgust

and speak out

recognizing the harm done

to us all?


What are the incentives

for shock and offense?

Is it power? Distraction? Evil intent?

How do we defend ourselves

against the enemy’s efforts

to dull our senses

to the metastases of

disrespect, vulgarity and mendacity.


We’ve lost our way;

we cannot see.

The fog has turned from

a trickling, moist, occasional annoyance

into a dangerous and massive


threatening to drown us

in a torrent of collapse and decline

through hate, exclusion, indifference

and purposeful blindness.


What is the solution?


Let your moral compass

help you raise your voice

in objection

when you see

indecency and viciousness

and hear

lying and cruelty.


Take your compass

out of your pocket,

fix it if it’s gone off course

or if it’s still working,

stop hiding it.

Hold it aloft

and let it do its job

in you.


  1. Great poem. Unfortunately, too many have left their compasses behind in the changing rooms and movie theaters. Did I say that?


  2. Susan, thank you for sharing your walk of faith and writing ministry! This is a wonderful writing, because all we need to do is watch the news for a short time and their is no doubt, all over the world, people have lost and are continuing their way. Sometimes on my blog, I will ask for communal prayer for those spiritually seeking. I have so few solutions but know God hears every word of every prayer. Thank you for pointing us in God’s direction!


    1. Thank you, Rick, and thank you for the communal prayers you seek and pray.


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