God’s Songbirds

My Lord is here beside me still;

I hear him in the morning trill

of songbird love and cadenced calls,

the hummingbird clicks musical, sounds my heart fills.


I love the morning hours when

I hear the cardinal, the wren,

and know God’s looking in my eyes,

“Good morning, you’re my treasured prize.” I say, “Amen.”


The cool and quiet hours of morn

remind me that I’m now reborn.

I have His heart inside of mine

from where inside His light will shine, God’s love adorned.


In the midst of serenade

‘tween morning sunrise and last shade

the praise of robin’s whistle lifts

my heart to heaven’s cherished gifts; God’s grace I prayed


Today my troubles melt away

while melodies and hymns display

the love of God’s sweet tenderness

His mercy and his graciousness; feather bouquet.





  1. Just makes me 😊


  2. Awesome, Susan. That video sounds like outside our bedroom window early in the morning. We have a big tree so they can get quite noisy sometimes! But it is cool how they just are who they are. And Jesus said God cares for us even more so. That’s real peace! 🙂


    1. Yes, great scripture to remember, Mel. Thanks for that reminder; that is definitely real peace. 🙂

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  3. californianmarsyas · ·

    Your poem gives the sense of quiet beauty. God bless!


    1. I always get a sense of tranquility when I sit and absorb God’s wonders.


    1. Thank you, Natalie.

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      1. You’re welcome Susan😊❤️


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