Forgiveness is a gift for me

It sits collecting dust

unopened until I’m ready

It’s benefits to trust

And let the Spirit set me free,

keep heart and mind focused

on God’s love, stronger than my own

through grace, His cornerstone.


Forgiveness is God’s whole embrace

We get it and must give

the grace deserves the human race

without we cannot live

Our hearts will shrivel in their space

and love is allusive

Remains that way ‘til seeds are sown

of mercy; hearts melt stone.


Forgiveness frees the chains which blind

us to resentment; it

allows our eyes to see, not bind

another’s heart and hand

another’s soul and pain and mind

to really understand

To thank the Lord what we’ve been shown

aas prior unbeknown.


This truth allows our ears to hear

opens heart so wide

we cannot help but feel that we’re

now freed from ego, pride

Release our need to just appear

that we are in the right

He sees us all as His alone,

through us His light has shone.


Forgiveness lets us be a mess

and others be so too

Imperfectly, we’re all so blessed

and given grace our due

because forgiven we’re no less

in our Creator’s view

Beloved we are His foreknown

and never left alone.



  1. Harley Quinn · ·

    That was wonderful! I’m usually not into this, but I read it and it struck me hard. I was reminded about my faith has been waivering for months now. This, what you shared, is one of the steps that will bring that fire back into my soul.


    1. I’m so glad it reached into your heart. I was surprised the Spirit reached into mine this way, too. He made a difference to both of us in a big way. ❤


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    1. Thank you, Vincent. ❤


  3. wonderful Susan.


    1. Thank you, Dennis.

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