On Faith, Compassion and Bigotry

My dear brothers and sisters, how can you claim to have faith in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ if you favor some people over others? Do not try to blend the genuine faith of our glorious Lord Jesus, the Anointed One, with your silly pretentiousness. Dear brothers, what’s the use of saying that you have faith and are Christians if you aren’t proving it by your words and actions? Will that kind of faith save anyone? (James 2:1,14)

In other words, we cannot claim to be Christians, we cannot claim to follow Jesus and at the same time claim to be a white supremacist, a white nationalist, a member of the KKK, or a member of the neo Nazi Party. They are antithetical.

Nor can we simply stand by and say nothing, or choose to say silent about the horrendous bigotry of these groups whose foundation comes from hanging black people and exterminating Jewish people, Catholics, gypsies, gays and other groups.

Can we accuse Christian groups of genocide? Yes, but that was not our foundation. Our foundation was in Christ who only accused the religious leaders who condemned and discriminated against others.

Romans 12:2 Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but be a new and different person with a fresh perspective in all you do and think. Then you will learn from your own experience how His ways will fully satisfy you.

2 Corinthians 5:17 When someone becomes a Christian, he becomes a brand new person inside. He is not the same anymore. A new life has begun!

1 Peter 2:1-3 So get rid of hatefulness and deception, of insincerity and jealousy and slander. Be like newborn babies, crying out for nourishing, spiritual milk that will help you grow into salvation if you have tasted and found the Lord to be loving and compassionate.

We must explicitly condemn those who wish to uplift these heinous hate groups and claim they are less than domestic terrorists. The actions of the man in the car who killed Heather Heyer, a legitimate protester of these violent fringe groups, and injured nearly 20 using his car as a weapon was a domestic terrorist. Our WWII veterans gave their lives and limbs to prevent Nazis from gaining entry into countries like the United States.

There is an old saying: When you dance with the devil, the devil leads the dance and has a hold on you.” Members of these fringe groups are dancing with the devil. Anyone who follows these groups or lifts them in acknowledgment is dancing with the devil.

Lukewarm folks who do not take a stand against these groups are standing on the shore between two rivers. One river is putrid, swirling, roiling and bubbling. In the middle of that river is a gorgeous, slick dancing partner, holding out a hand, waiting to devour you.

The other river is Living Water. It is calm and flowing; standing upon its waters is someone beckoning you to take His hand and follow, to walk alongside Him in faith to share His lighter load.

When you walk with Jesus, if you allow it, He will transform your heart and mind. He will allow you to see our Father’s unconditional love and generous grace for all people. He will let you experience the way He writes your name and the names of others onto His hand and heart like a tattoo to remain there forever in forgiveness and compassion.

And once you experience that, you will have a hand which writes names on your heart, too.


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    My friend Susan passed away suddenly the day after she published these words. Like the mother of Heather Heyer, I hope to magnify Susan’s words.


    1. Yes it is true that Susan has passed away, She passed away on August 16 2017, she had a few posts scheduled to be published so i have let them run their course in her honor.


  2. Ugh, I never feel like I can be clear on this topic. It brings up so much emotion for me. Anger, disgust, horror, fear for beloved friends and family who could be targets… sorrow for those hurt by racism. Sorrow for those eaten up by the blackness of hate. I struggle not to hate in return, especially when I think of my good friend from high school or my little nieces, but I know that hate is never the right response. I pray for the persecuted and those perpetrating the persecuted. I pray for safety for my friends, brother-in-law, and nieces. I pray that none of our hearts will become bitter but that we will all be able, through God’s grace, to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us…

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  3. I remember when a family member dated one of the Neo-Nazi skinheads in our town when we were teenagers. One boy was so, so full of hate and spite and malice, and it sickened me. Another one was just a follower – just happy to have the acceptance of this group and of an older boy he felt was “cool.” The human need for belonging is so easily warped by Satan…

    I am appalled to hear that any white supremacist would call themselves, “Christian,” but then Hitler also is viewed by many of a secular, atheistic worldview to have been a “Christian.” Clearly, the world’s definition (likely the enemy’s definition whispered into worldly ears) is fundamentally different than mine.

    However, these claims that are effectively the same as slandering the name of our Lord do make the true Believer’s job harder. We have to speak up more articulately, avoid “wrangling about words,” love more sacrificially, forgive more recklessly, and watch ever more carefully that we do not forsake our first love – the love of Jesus Christ – all of which of course we can only do through His power working in us as we abide in HIs love. Oh, how I pray that all my great Christian family will be truly surrendered to His commands!!

    Thank you for speaking out so articulately!

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    1. And thank you, Heather, for making your position known to clearly and sharing your experience here.

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  4. When you dance with the devil you get burned.

    I hope this is a wake up call for people who have passively accepted the rhetoric of the last couple of years. Silence is acceptance.

    I can’t imagine being an elderly vet or having lost a family member to the war against the nazis and seeing this kind of hatred so boldly embodied in our streets. Will it take yet another war for justice? Yet that is exactly what some of these extremists groups want to provoke. I pray America is better than this. I pray people speak up against the hate. It is a cancer that affects everyone, not just people of color. The longer we wait, the more lives are loss. You can’t follow Christ and hate your “brother.”

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    1. Exactly, Lilka. So many excellent points in your comments here. And the bottom line is the most important: “You can’t follow Christ and hate your ‘brother.'” When we hate, we turn our backs on Jesus, on the Father, on the Spirit. We walk away from Him, and only love will bring us back.

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  5. I am still stunned.

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    1. I am not stunned it occurred. Only by the silence of so many in the aftermath.

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      1. I lived this years ago. ‘when will we learn? I remember my best friend went to my house for lunch.

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  6. atimetoshare.me · ·

    Excellent words, Susan.

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  7. It is important to speak up against groups that spew hatred, promote racism, and practice violence. In fact, this is what separates most Christians from most Muslims (who are reluctant to speak out against terrorist action).

    I listened to a Jewish man who was speaking at UCSB regarding Muslims and their complicity in supporting jihad because they wouldn’t condemn it. A young Muslim lady kept saying it wasn’t true, and he point-blank asked, “Do you condemn the actions of Hamas?” And, after fidgeting uncomfortably for a moment, she admitted she did not. It was quite eye-opening for me.

    As a Christian, I need to be a light in the dark world, not one who hopes for violence, or supports racism.

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    1. I have heard many Muslims speak out against terrorist acts of Hamas and other extremist and violent groups calling themselves Muslims. Please don’t group one religion into an entire body based on the actions or words of a few. This is tacit prejudice. We must seek out conversations with each other. And many Christians are members of these white supremacist groups, which caused me to write this post.

      We all need to be lights in darkness without condemning entire religious or ethnic groups.

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      1. I worked with the public for decades and learned crazy comes in all creeds and colors. Blanket assumptions are unjustifiable.

        It is up to us to be a light in a dark place and hopefully illuminate a better path. I really believe the alt-right is targeting and victimizing people who feel lost and helpless. I wonder if any of them turned to “the church” to fill a void before turning toward a movement that assures them a “promised land” of their very own?

        I don’t have all the answers but Christ followers can remain silent no more. We must overcome our differences and unite and pray with people for the greater good. Only God can break those hardened hearts.

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      2. Absolutely. White supremacists prey on those who have lost jobs, who have no resources, who can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel and don’t know where to turn. They blame easy targets, just as Hitler blamed Jews for all the troubles of Germany. White supremacists blame people of color and those who are “different” for all the ills of our country. This is an easy, yet false solution, just like Hitler’s “final solution,” which was false at its basic premise.

        Taking a stand against hatred and for equality and justice, for God and compassion is the way to stay on the path of our Lord.

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      3. I did a poor job explaining what I was trying to say: My point was, we need to make a huge effort to be clear that Christians do not tolerate this kind of behavior. If Muslims are speaking against extremist terrorism, it isn’t being widely publicized, which in turn creates a perception that the majority do not approve of terrorism. I hear more about this than I do about those speaking against terrorism. My point, in essence was that we need to learn from what is happening to Muslims and be very vocal in our opposition to the repugnant behavior of white supremacists.

        I also think that extremism begets extremism. There has been a lot of anti-white rhetoric floating around for the past 20 years, and, as every action tends to spur an equal and opposite reaction, we are seeing a broader approval of white supremacists (which, to be clear, I find revolting).

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      4. “My point was, we need to make a huge effort to be clear that Christians do not tolerate this kind of behavior… and be very vocal in our opposition to the repugnant behavior of white supremacists.”

        Absolutely, and I’m glad you clarified your position.

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