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The Social Cycles of Bipolar and Faith

I wrote this as a Guest Post on Tony Robert’s blog, Delight in Disorder: Divine delight in a disordered world. As I look back on the cycles of bipolar that have tried to steal my life away from me, I am acutely aware of both overt and covert cycles associated with this illness. The overt […]

No, You Don’t Have to Go to Church. Here’s Why…

This post went “live” on Steve Austin’s blog today.  Here are the first couple of paragraphs as a teaser. Read the rest on his blog…(link below) “It isn’t necessary that we stay in church in order to remain in God’s presence. We can make our hearts personal chapels where we can enter anytime to talk to […]

Single at Sixty

Originally posted on A Holistic Journey:
Most of the time, my relationship with my God and His grace are sufficient for me. I know I am loved eternally by Him. He hears my prayers and has opened my ears to hear His voice. Yet because I am human, there are times I feel like an…

Forgetfulness By Susan

Forgetfulness: Thank you, Tara, for the opportunity to guest blog. The photo is called, “Zigzag,” for the cloud formation.

Journey, Purpose and the meaning of life

Originally posted on Our Personal Journey:
  The fact that we our on a journey, suggest to me we are trying to get from one place in our life to another place in our life.  To me that suggest that we are trying to improve or head in a certain direction.  But, What, Where, and…