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Dear Susan, (10-28-16) race relations continued…

Dear Susan, How can I hope to bridge the gap and promote meaningful conversation in regard to race? How can I make my white brothers understand what a black mother fears these days? I fully agree “All Lives Matter,” yet it is the blood of black people staining the streets. I know you may be […]

…and Justice for All

When you see me, who do you see? A Black face? Someone who evokes rage or fright, Undeserving mercy, grace?   When you see me, who do you see? Blind and white and deaf; loath to step into shoes of your pain, color, grief or plight?   When you see me, when will you see […]

Dissecting God’s Love

We are God’s precious children. And those of us reborn in Jesus are supposed to be a new creation. If we truly abide in the Spirit, we allow the love and grace of God to transform our hearts and minds. As such, we then love each other; we lift each other up. There is simply […]

Lavish Love

Loving Like Mary Some who say they follow Jesus still find loving their fellow humans an abhorrent notion. And as a passionate believer in Christ, I struggle to comprehend why anyone has a problem with this. My heart pulses so loudly with His love I am often surprised those outside my body cannot hear it […]

Are We Ready?

  In Luke’s account of the Sermon on the Mount, (The Sermon on the Plain, Luke 6:17-52), he records Jesus telling us to love our enemies and pray for them. He writes of Jesus instructing us to refrain from judging or condemning others. He recounts Jesus reminding us to look at the logs in our […]

Prayer Request

Some of you on WordPress know our brother Vincents Artale Jr. He may have reblogged some of your posts on Talmidimblogging.  A few weeks ago, Vincent suffered a heart attack. The following was from Vincent’s post a few weeks ago: Hey everyone, well the last 2 days have been interesting to say the least. The last […]

Words Matter

“Let the person who has ears listen!” Then he added, “Take care what you listen to. The closer you listen, the more understanding you will be given—and you will receive even more.” (Mark 4:23-24) As we move forward to the end of the year, we have some choices to make about the words we say […]

A Tale of Two Pastors

Thinking Deeper than Skin I read a post last week from a pastor in response to a list made by African American State Senator Jamilah Nasheed of this country’s current injustices, citing her reasons for declining to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Before I tell you about that pastor’s reaction, I’d like to tell […]

Dwelling Place

What do you imagine your dwelling place in heaven looks like? Will heaven be a huge, white cathedral where we meet God face to face and admit our trespasses, then be judged worthy or unworthy of a life in eternity with Him?   Might you be assigned a sunny room with a beautiful view where […]

Listening to Each Other

Ted Talk by Anand Giridharadas