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The Winning Animal

Seen on Facebook (Thank you, Connie.)


What is the cost of revealing who I am? Will you now view me as a label? Will all you knew about me before dissolve in the revelation of the label I revealed on Monday? Have you put me in a box I wasn’t in before? How often do we glue labels onto people and […]

Like Moths to Light

We Christians talk about seeking light, as moths seek light in the darkness. The truth is, we talk more about darkness; we seek it and cling to it while offering rationalizations for doing so. Just look at this election. We desire Christ’s name, but not His words, not His commands. In our modern era we […]

Tired of it All

As a woman who, in the 1970s and 1980s, was groped during interviews for promotion in business (which I turned down), I have found Trump’s latest predatory comments reprehensible at a deep and visceral level. As a woman who has experience that, I can say with conviction, you never forget. It is an ugly, disturbing […]

This Left Me Speechless

Words Matter, Redux


Back in January, I posted a Letter to the Candidates concerning the tenor of their character and blueprints of their respective campaigns, pleading with both to find the higher ground. Okay, let’s get real. Those who are steadfastly voting for Hillary will vote for her regardless of her transgressions; those who are steadfastly voting for […]

1850 Know-Nothings Rise Again

Before the founding of the Republican Party in 1854, the two political parties were the Democrats and the Whigs. Anti-slavery Whigs met in February of 1854 – an election year – to establish a new party and oppose the spread of slavery into new, western territories. This caused an irreparable split in the party, causing […]

Hawks and Doves

  I was awakened Saturday morning by a beautiful, red-tailed hawk on a tree branch inches away from my open bedroom window. I heard the screeching and did not know what it was at first. A bird I did not recognize. Creeping silently to the window, I raised my head to see this wondrous creature […]

A Challenge to the “Pros”

Are you pro-life or just anti-abortion? Please be honest. Be honest with yourself and with everyone else. If you’re simply anti-abortion, then please stop calling yourself pro-life. If you know your history, prior to Roe v. Wade, the “pro-life” movement was actually the Human Rights Movement, and was linked to the Civil Rights movement.  It […]