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Metanoia is a Greek word from which we often get the English translation, “repent” or “repentance.” Meta actually means after, beyond, a change, like a metamorphosis. Metanoia means a “change of mind” or beyond your mind. I’m a bit annoyed with our Latin fathers because they…

Pride – Part 2

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He is obvious.  He walks in the room with an air of confidence that can be seen with each step he takes.  Everyone turns and acknowledges him, and he just smiles.  He walks up to some people in a group talking and immediately takes over the conversation.  Several…

Let the Healing Begin

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?? God is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit,~Psalm 34:18.? If you are in America you have probably seen the news stories, the protests, and the excessive drama. Well, this post is hopefully an attempt at healing.? Why do we need to heal?…

Pride – Part 1

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I want to thank Susan Irene Fox for giving me the idea to do a series on pride in hopes that all of us will look deep inside ourselves and make sure that our pride is under control.   In my experience, if your immediate reaction to that…

Hey My Fellow White People! Stop talking about black-on-black crime

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“But what about black-on-black crime?” is a common counter-argument to Black Lives Matter. This argument is simplistic and attempts to cherry-pick a fact. It ignores systemic poverty in the black community, the disproportionate impact of the Vietnam war, and the ongoing legacy of black lives NOT mattering in America. Slavery is pretty obvious.…

Have A Hug Today!

This is what it’s about, my friends. Please repost and repost. Love is what will turn us around, give us hope. ❤

Two Sides Come Together In Dallas

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I just saw this on FaceBook and with all the negative going things going on around the country this gave me hope.  Way to go Dallas! ?

Verbal Assault or Verbal Healing

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I had a picture in my mind this morning of those little yellow markers placed on the ground  in movies and TV shows when experts investigate a crime scene. In this case they did not mark bullets or shell casings. They marked deadly words. I saw words shooting out…

A Father’s Love…

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Is it just me… or is there a Sermon (opportunity) here about how God cares for us? Lol… enjoy! This so made me think of how God deals with us…

Bearing witness: Genocide and our refusal to do anything about it

While political candidates snipe at each other (while one is determined to build walls around our country) and we Christians argue about “who is greater,” there are compelling moral issues at hand.